What difference between powder and granulated coffee

What difference between powder and granulated coffee

Worldwide thousands of people begin the morning with the invigorating and fragrant coffee drink. The cult of coffee has extended thanks to such countries as Brazil, Jamaica, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, and its homeland is considered to be Ethiopia as exactly there coffee grew in wild look.

Types of coffee

Types of coffee great variety, there are whole systems of classifications of the coffee separating types, ways of its preparation, kind of the chemical composition, technique of roasting and grinding of coffee beans.

For example, instant coffee on ways of preparation is separated into the following types:

- sublimated, - powder, - granulated.

Preparation of good instant coffee makes stage-by-stage process which begins with roasting of grains, and then their grinding. After grains turn into the processed weight, about three hours begin to cook them in the closed capacity. Then coffee allow to cool down, and later place in extra packings in which they are frozen.

Unpacked instant coffee cannot be stored at low temperatures as grains will be dried up and will lose all the flavoring properties.

By means of drying in packing at cold temperature in coffee there are all useful substances. When such weight begins to be broken special hammer, it breaks up to granules which people also see in glass jars. But on it coffee process does not stop. As when cooking coffee has lost all the essential oils, that is the aroma, granules need processing and to addition of fragrances which allow to return the invigorating aroma.

Advantage of sublimation and aroma of powder

Instant coffee is useful to people with reduced pressure, with diseases of vessels and, of course, to maintenance of youth of organism as it contains antioxidants. Powder coffee is made of the remains of granules and crystals which remain after preparation of coffee of higher level.

Powder coffee is often compared to dust which is packed in small bags and sold at rather low price.

The way of its production is rather easy: at first grains undergo cleaning, then roasting and crushing. Then the received mix is processed hot water for several hours, and all process happens under pressure of various atmospheres. The turned-out weight was filtered, cooled and dried up. And by means of such simple scheme received powder which was packed in small bags. But at the same time in such type of coffee has practically no useful substances, and in instant coffee, on the contrary, natural components remain. This difference also influences the price policy of coffee: the powder look has low price, and sublimated is many times more expensive as its quality really conforms to all standards.

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