What doors to choose for the room

What doors to choose for the room

The choice of interroom door depends on character and design of the room, features of door opening. As material of door cloth use solid wood, MDF, chipboard, glass in combination with metal section.

What interroom doors it is better

The main function of room door is to differentiate and order space. Options of registration of door openings set: two-fold oar, doors interroom "accordion", sliding. Today designers experiment not so much with designs how many with feelings. To the forefront there are palette, the invoice, play of light and shadow. Changing portal silhouette, the drawing of cloth of door, making the choice for decor from colored or opal glass, skin or wood can achieve it is made different esthetic effect. 

It is impossible to tell unambiguously what interroom doors it is better, everyone is good on the place. For rooms with differences of humidity and temperature ideal material is glass. Often for kitchens and bathrooms choose glass zatonirovanny doors. Elements from glass fashionable trend in registration of apartments. Glass for convenience and comfort of owners use mainly opaque or decorate laconic blinds.

Sliding interroom doors – glass cloths in the thinnest aluminum frames. Brilliant combination of esthetics and innovation. Glass can be transparent, with translucent cliche, opaque. It is possible to apply any images to it. Glass doors are brilliantly integrated into modern interior and allow to zone space competently.

Interroom doors from solid wood introduce luxury note to the room. They perfectly look in "rich" classical interiors. Timber doors make of integral or glued bar of coniferous breeds of tree. For production of elite doors there are beech, oak, nut, alder, maple. The tree is delicate material therefore for long service of such door it is necessary to support indoors certain microclimate.

Broad application is found by inexpensive interroom doors from MDF and chipboard with various decorative coats. Artificial materials differ in variety of color palette. Such doors, undoubtedly, have advantages:

- variety of models;

- esthetic exterior;

- low sensitivity to humidity;

- small weight;

- low price.

Essential shortcoming: material contains compounds of formaldehydes. They are not recommended to be put in children's rooms. It is necessary to notice that any artificial covering is not capable to substitute power and beauty of natural wood.

What interroom door to choose depending on decor

In mode the frost coatings, popularity are gathered by the painted surfaces, namely ukryvny painting. Are most demanded cream, gray, white color. Smooth surface or with saving the invoice of tree.

For dressing of classical doors use patinating, sostarivaniye, stained-glass windows. The baguette framing glass or paneling is relevant. The modern design is combination of glass and interline interval, brashirovaniye, covering teksturnost, straight lines.

In minimalistic interior the cloth with smooth surface, without jewelry will be appropriate. In style the loft is more preferable to interior sliding doors. The made old tree perfectly is integrated into rural and romantic style. At the peak of popularity concealed doors, they organically look in any interior.

The main differences of economy doors from premium class products

From far away and the inexpensive door can seem good, but joints, open groove, inaccurately cut accessories, the wrong geometry of elements of product will become close visible. To estimate quality of covering, it is necessary to touch cloth, at once it will become clear whether there is dust under varnish, whether it is well ground and as far as it is equal and smooth. It is necessary to pay attention to texture of tree – it is visible or zatonirovana paint to hide defects of wood.

From material, filling, thickness of door its sound insulation depends. A lot of things depend on correctness of installation, cloth adherence density to box, on elasticity of sealant. Let's tell, at doors with corpulent paneling of the precast structure which is not assuming emptiness in door cloth, sound insulation will be slightly higher. Therefore experts recommend to buy interroom doors when draft repair works are finished: arrangement of tie of floor and laying of floor covering; alignment of walls when the exact sizes of apertures become known. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team