What harm is done by moles

What harm is done by moles

Quite often people with sympathy treat the little small animals dressed in velvet fur coats – moles – and condemn farmers for the fact that those in every way fight against presence of these animals on the site. In fact one tiny mole can cause to the earth of the farmer huge damage.

Moles are the mammals living in the soil which length of body does not exceed 180 mm, and weight – no more than 0.15 kg. Despite the more than modest sizes, the mole can do considerable harm to your personal plot in the course of the activity. Moreover, that without wishing, this little small animal with strong sharp-clawed paws can do much harm also to human health and even to cripple larger mammal, for example horse.

Daily this gluttonous small animal eats food approximately as much how many he weighs. In search of food – earthworms, bugs, slugs, spiders, wood lice, snails and other insects and even small mice – the mole actively digs the courses in the earth. At the same time he throws out part of the soil outside.

It is logical that if to it the root crop, bulb or just any back occurs in the path, then the little brave mole ruthlessly throws out from under the earth and it, thereby doing harm to the flowers planted in your garden, vegetables and berries. If it has not enough forces simply to push out the obstacle disturbing it – for example, potatoes tuber – from soil, then the mole damages it so that the plant soon perishes; thus, also trees and bushes suffer from the excavation made by this small animal.

Moles do huge harm to lawns and lawns. The earth which is thrown out by them when digging underpasses is capable to put the lawn-mower mechanism out of commission. The grass sods on the tennis court for which you cared and cherished for several years can be destroyed almost completely by this little mammal very quickly. Restoration of the lawn spoiled by mole will cost pretty penny to its owner and will take considerable time.

From classical literature many remember cases as during races the horse broke leg, having pleased with it in krotovyyu hole. Actually it quite often happens to livestock, and in some cases the crippled animal is simpler to be sent to slaughter, than to cure. The field mole can be dangerous to the person by what is carrier of such serious infection as piroplasmosis or tulyaremiya which can be deadly to people with the weakened immunity. Besides, the mole represents source of various parasites – fleas, ticks and worms that is in most cases not deadly to the person, but very much and very unpleasantly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team