What interior curtains threads will approach

What interior curtains threads will approach

Curtains threads can be made in many options. They can be monophonic, thin and dense, with various inserts from beads, with feathers and rhinestones, beads and pearls, metal or from natural materials. In interior, depending on tastes of the hostess, they can change in lambrequins of the most various forms, be used for division of space into zones, can even replace interroom doors.

Types of rope curtains

All variety of cotton curtains can be separated into two groups. The cotton curtains muslin made of fabric thin threads which basis is connected together by interlacing and the ends concern the first remain free. It is easy to adjust such curtains to any size since it is easy for thread to cut at the necessary length, at the same time they do not demand bottom podshivaniye. To the second look curtains from more solid materials, treat with use of various decor.

Care for such curtains is not difficult, rather periodically to erase them in soapsuds. But keep in mind that machine wash is not suitable for them. If the curtain is made of beads or plastic, it is possible just to wipe it with wet towel wipes from dust.

Cotton curtains in interior

Curtains threads in living room interior perfectly look both in retro, and in modern styles. A lot of things depend on their coloring and on how they are decorated. If the living room rather strict, then is better to refuse the idea to use beads and other decorative elements. Stop the choice on the simple cotton curtains in the form of muslin executed in reserved color gamma. Such curtains it is possible to issue not only windows. Having remembered east traditions, try to use them instead of doors in the apartment. It is ideal option for small housing where doors occupy quite big space. They will help to bring slight romantic mood in the spacious house. Cotton curtains are irreplaceable in interior of the small studio apartment since in it often there is need to separate space into separate zones. In this case this not only practical, but also beautiful solution of the problem of zoning of the room. In interior of kitchen such curtains perfectly will approach various design ideas. For example, the glamourous kitchen will be favourably decorated by the shortened curtains with beads. Metal curtains will approach kitchen with the chromeplated elements, in rooms with sea subject or in style Provence rope curtains will well look. Cotton curtains in the Japanese style of interior are very popular. The fringe which can finish cloth or floor lamp in vintage style is perfectly combined with cotton curtains in interior of any room. It is absolutely simple to make lambrequins of cotton curtains, it is easy to enshrine strips from thin threads in any provision. Their smooth lines will create the refined atmosphere in classical interior. In the bedroom of curtain thread will create the unusual romantic and gentle atmosphere. Especially cotton curtains with beads or plumelets will be suitable for these purposes. In the children's room they are capable to recover the atmosphere and to set to the room cheerful mood. For this purpose it is possible to use not only bright colors, for example, cotton curtains of color of the rainbow or curtain with cheerful pompons will interestingly look. Often they are used as canopy over crib.

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