What is the scheme of the planning organization of the parcel

What is the scheme of the planning organization of the parcel

For construction of any object it is necessary to get permission. That to make it, it is necessary to provide the scheme of the planning organization of the parcel besides the statement. What is it actually?

The Scheme of the Planning Organization of the Parcel (SPOP) has succeeded master plan of building of the parcel which was provided for receiving construction permit or reconstruction of any object earlier.

SPOZU has to include survey materials in scale 1:500 with all elevated and underground objects and communications. At the same time are surely applied on the scheme of lot lines, the operating constructions and future buildings.

For natural and legal entities SPOZU has some differences.

The scheme of the planning organization of the parcel for natural persons

In this case it consists of text and graphic part. Text part surely joins the following items:

1.      Project on improvement of the area.

2.      General characteristic of the site.

3.      General explanation of planning of the parcel, proceeding from town-planning and technical norms.

4.      In certain cases in addition confirmation of line of sanitary protection zones within the site is required.

Graphic part includes all existing objects and those which will be constructed and also the indication of all planned entrances and approaches to these constructions and buildings. Also it is necessary to include in this part borders of sanitary and security territories and the final conclusion about improvement of the territory of the site.

The scheme of the planning organization of the site for legal entities

For receiving construction permit for legal entities SPOZU is only one of ten documents necessary for this purpose. Also surely include the full list and types of all planned construction objects in them. As for SPOZU for legal entities, it consists also of text and graphic part.

The following items have to enter text part:

1.      The description of all decisions on engineering development of the territory which comprises all points on protection of objects against potential geological impacts.

2.      Technical and economic indicators of plottage on which constructions will be constructed.

3.      Confirmation of planning of the built-up area.

4.      Total characteristic of the site which is near constructed facility.

5.      Justification of borders of sanitary and security territories on the site.

And here graphic part of SPOZU for legal entities is rather volume and includes the following such drawings as the image of all existing and again constructed facilities with approaches and entrances to them and the schematic image of all networks of technical providing with places of connection to them of constructed facility. Drawings of movement of transport on construction site are separately created; project of earth masses; the exact floor layout plan of constructions within the site with the indication of all settlements adjoining it and with drawing dangerous zones with high risk of emergence of natural or technogenic consequences.

For objects of production value the planned communications of engineering and transport character with the exact indication of points of their connection to already existing networks are in addition represented. Also for legal entities include full justification of all stages of construction and the documentary conclusion according to the solution of project works, lighting, improvement and gardening of the designed area in graphic part of the scheme.

Anyway most it will be rather difficult to execute and prepare SPOZU. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out land surveying of the site by means of survey and also the special computer program for creation of drawings and tables. Therefore the scheme of the planning organization of the parcel the hands will not turn out. The best option will be to address to the specialized organization which will be able to make and perform all necessary work. For this purpose it is necessary to address to the local architectural and construction department, as a rule, which is in District Administration.

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