What long-term flowers blossom all summer

What long-term flowers blossom all summer

It is fine if the seasonal dacha looks the whole summer is elegant. That it was so, plant flowers which will please with the dismissed buds during all summer season. On one place they will perfectly grow and get out of hand within several years.


1. There is number of perennials which are decorative all summer. Plant daisies. Then you will be able to admire scarlet, white, pink motley colors even longer – since the beginning of May and till September.

2. In the middle of June allocate the place on bed. Make grooves at distance of 20 cm from each other, spill them and seed seeds. Cover them with layer of sand 3 millimeters high. At the end of July replace daisies to the constant place, having sustained distance of 20х20 cm. In May of the next year they will blossom, having formed colourful carpet. Daisies – low plants therefore well look along paths, on the Alpine hills. They effectively border beds.

3. The rose, certainly, is the queen of garden. Put several types. Along paths, roses of floribund amazingly look. They are low, but give set of flowers. In the middle of lawn place standard rose. This whole tree with magnificent krone. About arches, fences, support put pletisty. Chaynogibridny, park grades will please with magnificent large buds. All these species of roses blossom all summer. For 2 weeks the pletisty grades can take timeout to gain strength and to release new buds.

4. With small break the whole summer and clematis blossoms. You can put several types. Some will gain strength soon to blossom even more magnificently. And others will please look at this time.

5. Phloxes will not disappoint judges of natural beauty too. Find also it the place on the site. Over time the plant will turn into fluffy bush therefore plant phloxes on sufficient distance from each other. There are not only high, but also border phloxes. Such will not take a lot of place. These perennial plants are decorative all summer too.

6. Gipsofila panicled blossoms from July to August. It is often used in bouquets. Feel florists, having put in bouquet from garden roses gipsofila branch.

7. The bee balm dvoychasty is dismissed almost all summer. Its violet, red, white colors of fancy and needle form should admire.

8. You will be able to admire bright blue colors if plant mountain cornflower. Flowers are collected in baskets which diameter of 5-7 centimeters. These plants will show the beauty since the end of May till August, continuously blossoming during this time.

9. At astilba metelkovidny inflorescences. The choice of shades is big: white, pink, red, violet.

10. Khosta amazingly looks in the center of lawn. Its leaves are decorative all season. It blossoms almost all summer. In June gains strength that in July-August to show the funnel-shaped flowers of white, lilac coloring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team