Cook knife: what to choose?

Cook knife: what to choose?

The knife is one of the major kitchen accessories. With the convenient cook tool the cooking becomes fascinating and pleasant occupation. Besides, the cook knife is also stylish accessory which can become highlight of your kitchen.

How many knives have to be in kitchen

On sale the huge range of knives, including already ready sets is presented on convenient support. It looks very beautifully and functionally, but, as a rule, daily use requires 3-4 knives. If you adhere to the fashionable idea of minimalism, want to save free space on kitchen table and the money, try to collect the set of cook knives independently.

Will surely be useful to you:

  • Small knife for cleaning of fruit and vegetables (length of 6-9 cm).
  • Knife of the average size for shinkovaniye.
  • Toothed knife for bread, fruit and vegetables. At the expense of the form it will allow you thinly and to delicately cut soft products, without breaking their form.
  • Big cook knife for cutting and cutting, the shredder. If you care for health of family, it makes sense to get two such knives. You will use one for processing of meat, fish and bird, the second – for processing of vegetables, fruit and other products.

To what material to give preference

The edge of cook knives is made of ceramics or stainless steel (three-layer, shod, Damask, titanic) with addition of various metals.

  • Ceramic knives easy, sharp and rather inexpensive. It is necessary to mention also their minuses: fragility and impossibility of use for cutting of rigid products, for example, for razdelyvaniye of chicken. If you accidentally drop such knife, it can break.
  • Steel knives – the most extensive category, their quality it is frequent in direct ratio to the cost and brand. Branded kitchen tools, undoubtedly, will have the best characteristics. Minuses of steel knives – frequent sharpening is required, some products can gain characteristic ""metal"" smack.

The handle of cook knife can be manufactured of tree, plastic, steel. It is impossible to leave knife with the wooden handle for a long time in water as this material has property to bulk up, absorb smells and to be deformed. Modern quality plastic – the fine decision for daily use. The knife with the handle from steel has only one shortcoming – it can be excessively heavy. Therefore before purchase it is necessary to take some time knife in hand to understand whether it to you will conveniently work with such weight.

How to choose good cook knife

Knife – subject of daily use therefore do not save on its quality. The high quality cannot cost little. Give preference to the popular, well proved brands.

Attentively examine exterior of knife: the handle and edge should not have jags, cracks, small specks and other defects. Take knife in hand: its form has to be simple, convenient and ergonomic, ideal for your palm. The good tool has to have identical and balanced weight of the handle and blade.

Study information on packing. Knives with hardness of cutting edge from 40 to 60 HRC will be suitable for daily application.

Average width of edge of cook knife – 2-4 cm. The edge is wider, the more cycles of sharpening will sustain knife, the term of its service will be big.

The good knife will become not only your assistant, but also pride. With the high-quality tool simple kitchen works will give you sheer pleasure, inspiring on creation of new culinary masterpieces.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team