What most budgetary option of installation of fence at the dacha

What most budgetary option of installation of fence at the dacha

The new trend in landscaping – gabion, especially will interest those who have cleaned the site from stones recently, and has thrifty put stones aside (perhaps, will be useful). Fence option at the dacha in the equipment gabion – the most budgetary.

Big cage

The word "gabion" comes from the Italian gabbione – big cage. Initially gabion – the strengthening design in engineering and fortification constructions. But creative landscape designers have thought up to this equipment worthy and graceful application. It is not necessary to have construction skills to build gabion. Many efforts are not required. Concrete, solution and other mixes which usually strengthen stone is not required. For gabion only two components stones (or any heavy filler) and metal framework are necessary. Respectively, if filler is available, it is necessary to get only framework. Mesh walls for gabions can be bought ready, and it is possible to make independently of grid chain-link.

Fence in the equipment gabion

The fencing from gabion will allow not only to save on construction materials – its internal part can be filled with construction waste which has stayed at home after construction.

In the equipment gabion it is possible to build quickly and budgetary not just fence, and the whole high wall which will fence off from curious neighbors, from the road or will close farm buildings of an unpretentious type. Metal columns which need to be driven in the earth will be necessary for high wall and on them to fix metal framework. But, you see, it is it is all the same simpler, than to build concrete or brick fencing or "to fence" fence. Besides, much more decoratively. The low fence can quite be built from blocks frameworks, having put them in private and having fastened among themselves, or having laid steps. Fence life cycle in the equipment gabion is almost unlimited. Water - and air-permeable walls of gabions allow to sprout through them to plants and herbs. As a result, keeping the form and functions, the gabion in several years merges with natural environment. And if you are confused by rough type of stones, fill a little soil in top layer of gabion and land creeping or climbers. Or put at the liana fence basis.

Original ideas

In this equipment it is possible to issue all site. For example, to arrange fountain. To fix on the earth column from grid, to place inside hose with the pump and to fill space with stones. Also tables, benches, flower stands are made of stones. The bench and table in the equipment gabion look not only unusually, but also very thoroughly. They do not need to be moved away for the winter and you should not be afraid that at the dacha left without owners someone will covet such garden furniture – malefactors will not be able just to carry away it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team