What pipes to apply in heating

What pipes to apply in heating

Have you decided to construct country house for year-round accommodation? It is very important to equip heating services correctly. Entrust development of the project to professionals and correctly choose pipes for heating.

It is required to you

  • pipes, welding machine, fitting, press fitting, threaded connections


1. The choice of pipes directly depends on heating type in your house. You need to consider the following data.

2. Define heating services type in your house. It can be compulsory or self-flowing. Consider way of its bookmark – outside of or in walls.

3. It is important to consider system configuration, the maximum and average pressure in it, the maximum and average temperature. It is worth evaluating pipes, proceeding from these data.

4. There are several types of pipes. Still quite recently steel pipes were widespread, the alternative did not exist. And today, in some situations, optimal variant are pipes from "black" metal.

5. Durability - the main advantage of this material. Pipes are resistant to high temperatures, the carbon steel maintains temperature to 1500 degrees. In heating services, without being afraid of depressurization, it is possible to support rather high pressure. The price of pipes is democratic.

6. This material has also shortcomings. First, it is complexity of mounting. The qualified welder is necessary for performance of work.

7. It is necessary to collect heating services prior to the beginning of finishing work, welding can spoil floor covering and wall-paper. Secondly, the heating services from steel pipes demands constant service.

8. Pipes from polypropylene – the following option of heating services. Pipes have small weight, they do not "grow" with limy raid, rust is not formed. You can disconnect system and not be afraid of "defrosting" of pipes. Affordable price.

9. Pipes from polypropylene are durable. They will serve up to 20 years. Polypropylene pipes differ in ease of mounting. For this purpose you will need fitting, polypropylene does not bend.

10. It is possible to refer mounting of heating services in which pipes from the sewed polyethylene are used to the new directions. Let's list their advantages.

11. It: resistance to high pressure and temperatures, durability, convenience of mounting, resistance to corrosion and "overgrowing". Press fitting or threaded connections are necessary for mounting. Life cycle of such pipes reaches 50 years.

12. Metal plastic pipes — the most popular type of pipes. They combine the best qualities of plastic and steel pipes, differ in ease of mounting. Metal plastic pipes do not change color, do not demand painting. The system can serve up to 50 years.

13. You can choose also pipes from copper. This expensive, but extremely effective solution. The heating services will serve about 100 years. To pipes the hard frost, hydroblows is not terrible. Wide working temperature range – one more advantage.

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