What sand for building is necessary: washed or dirty

What sand for building is necessary: washed or dirty

Sand is the rock differing in friability and flowability. Also it is the artificial material consisting generally of grains of rocks. At sand set of views with distinctive features and opportunities of application. It is possible to get this breed in many places – the rivers, ravines and pits. Bank sand is considered washed, and career – dirty.

Construction sand

Construction – the general name of sand which is used at repair construction jobs. Without it any building because it is widely applied in production of concrete, solutions, cement, at finishing work is impossible, it is frequent in engineering constructions and as septic tank or drainage. Often sand is applied in rural and park farms, individuals and community services to filling of sandboxes at playgrounds, in filters and water-purifying system.

The bank (washed) sand

Bank sand is the high-quality material which does not have as a part of additional impurity. It is got from river bed and does not contain clay or other minerals. Therefore it is irreplaceable material in construction. It is widely used at tie, laying and production of concrete. Quite often it is taken for plaster preparation.

Also bank sand is used in road construction – it is part of road concrete mix. Bank sand is three sizes – fine up to 2 mm, average up to 2.8 mm and large up to 5 mm. It has high coefficient of filtration, thanks to it is often applied at filtration and drainage works. The cheapest and often used – medium sand. Difficult we extract coarse sand in the nature therefore its price is high.

Pit (dirty) sand

Extraction of such sand is made in pits why in it there are a lot of impurity appearing during destruction of rocks is dust, quartz, clay, etc. Such sand can have various properties – depending on the place of its production. Career, the cheapest in relation to other types of sand. It is often applied in works of large volumes, such as road construction, buildings, laying of the foundation and concrete making of the increased durability. The dirty pit sand is quite often used in plaster preparation. In construction it is used only after cleaning of impurity that strongly increases its quality. In spite of the fact that the pit sand undergoes labor-intensive process of washing, unlike bank sand, its price all the same remains low. From the washed pit sand excellent material for concrete and brick production, for construction of buildings in road and house construction turns out. Besides, it is used in reinforced concrete production. In construction dirty sand is used as washed, and. However when using of the washed sand which price will be a little higher the made construction materials differ in high quality.

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