What seeds are suitable for seedling

What seeds are suitable for seedling

Choosing seeds for landing, it is possible to rely on experience – own or to invite more informed person for consultation. It is possible to ask similar questions and at specialized forums, but, as they say, at own risk.

It is required to you

  • - seeds;
  • - consultations of sellers or more skilled acquaintances.


1. Be defined for a start what seeds of cultures and in what quantity are necessary to you. Stop on the choice of certain grade of seeds.

2. Pay attention to the producer if you buy seeds in signature bags. Some sellers advise to try any given grade which is unknown to you. Learn how long there is this producer as has proved in the market. Thus you reduce the probability of acquisition of low-quality sowing material.

3. Read attentively characteristic of grade of seeds – it is so possible to define whether the necessary grade will approach certain weather conditions. If you want to buy something new, check whether this grade is included in the State registry of selection achievements. It means that before going to buyers, the grade has passed all necessary tests and it can be grown up on personal plots.

4. Pay attention whether you get simple grade or it is hybrid. It is reasonable to choose the last when your purpose is profit on sale of the grown-up cultures if the taste of products is more important for you, buy simple seeds.

5. Check attentively effective life of seeds. Do not get such where on packing the effective life before which termination there was less than a year is put down. If at commission of landings you understand that seeds have appeared more, than it is necessary, it is necessary to place them for storage in hermetic packings. They will be able to provide to seeds protection against penetration in various microorganisms and excess moisture which can perniciously affect their quality.

6. Look with what way effective life is applied on packages of seeds. The best option is stamp. If for drawing effective life obviously typographical method is used, as these products it is possible and to doubt.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team