What to do with potatoes tops of vegetable

What to do with potatoes tops of vegetable

The potato tops of vegetable is not of any nutritional value. And while some gardeners do not see from it advantage, others find for it new application on the sites.

Gardeners arrive with tops of vegetable differently. Some leave it on beds, the second place in compost heap, and the third seek to get rid - utilize together with domestic garbage wastes or at all burn. The last option can be considered acceptable in case of potatoes infection with any diseases. Disputes of phytophthora and other pathogenic fungi can live for years. At the slightest suspicion of diseases it is necessary to dry green material and after that to burn.   

If the plant is infected with nothing, the cut-off tops of vegetable sin to throw out as it is valuable biological material.   

Compost from potato tops of vegetable 

It is possible to make excellent fertilizer of vegetable weight. For this purpose the tops of vegetable needs to be laid in compost pit, to spill for the purpose of prevention, in case of presence of pathogenic fungi, 1% solution of copper vitriol (2-3 tablespoons on 10 l of water). From above heap is covered with layer of sawdust or the earth. Compost with tops of vegetable of potatoes is allowed to be used for the third year after bookmark.  

Natural shelter 

By means of elevated part of potatoes it is possible to create the shelter protecting roots of fruit trees on the site in the winter from frost. For this purpose it is necessary to lay tops of vegetable thick layer in pristvolny circles. Green material will not allow to grow to weeds and will frighten off wreckers, and after peregnivaniye excellent organic fertilizer will turn out. It is possible to do quietly the similar shelter for plum, apple-trees and cherries as they have no general diseases with potatoes. 

Valuable ashes 

At unwillingness to potter with compost it is possible to make ashes of potato tops of vegetable. It is necessary to collect plant debris in one heap, it is desirable outside the site, to dry up and burn. The received ashes can be stored in bucket or plastic bag. It is recommended to bring it in the fall when redigging the earth.  

Means from wreckers 

Stalks and leaves of potato tops of vegetable contain in large number solanin and other poisonous components. Water extract from it help to get rid of any kind of plant louse, the cabbage white butterfly, web tick, caterpillars and flea beetles on fruit-trees. It is possible to call means safely available and eco-friendly as poisonous connections decay, without being absorbed in fruits.

For preparation of infusion it is important to take healthy tops of vegetable. The plants infected with fungus are not suitable for this purpose. The tops of vegetable can be used as in the fresh, and dried-up look. On 5 l of water it is enough to take 3-4 plants which are previously crushed. Infusion is kept in the warm place by not less than 5 hours then it is possible to start processing of trees. For convenience use spray. Processing is carried out at dry weather of times in 3-10 days depending on situation, in particular, the number of wreckers.   

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team