Where epoxy glue-plastelin is applied

Where epoxy glue-plastelin is applied

Epoxy glue-plasticine can be applied in various conditions thanks to its good characteristics. It is possible to allocate three main applications of this glue: in life, in construction and automotive industry.

Household application

Universal epoxy glue-plasticine can be applied perfectly in living conditions. For example, with its help it is easy to repair stoneware, plumbing, ware and even furniture. It can use to repair footwear and to make hand-made articles together with the children. The correct use of this substance will help to estimate its advantage even more.

For example, it is necessary to stick together several parts of beautiful vase. At first the adherend surface needs to be cleaned, dried and degreased. Glue will better get into product if to process surface emery cloth. As degreaser it is possible to use special solvent. Before starting the process, it is worth preparing brush. Accurately to apply glue on the broken vase surface, the brush has to be small. With its help it is necessary to apply with thin layer glue, and then to densely fasten with each other both parts of vase. It is important to trace that the vase was not mobile before full drying up. Of course, to apply glue so that it was not visible, very difficult. But it is possible to remove its remains by means of plain water or solvent, but to make it it is necessary before drying. Such technique is applied also to pasting of other surfaces.

Construction and industry

The composition of glue is calculated to carry out professional work with plastic, steel, aluminum and other materials. Construction masters very much appreciate such adhesive substance because it strongly fastens metal and well keeps on ceramic, plastic, wooden, glass and brick surfaces. For example, it is possible to fill cracks which were formed in concrete, to connect to it metal, to paste tile or to fasten prefabricated reinforced concrete elements.

Motor-car industry

Epoxy glue-plasticine is applied by motorists and professionals of mechanical engineering as it helps to solve the industrial problems and tasks concerning repair of the private car. Automobile shops often offer the gluing mix which has shares of the crushed steel. It is intended for checkblocks, the cracked gasoline tanks, coverings and the damaged gearboxes. Some owners of cars use glue to eliminate damages of body. Thus, epoxy glue-plasticine is applied in various areas and to elimination of numerous problems. And ease of its use allows to apply it to the ordinary people who do not have vocational education even in the field of construction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team