With what water to water flowers

With what water to water flowers

For plants water is source of life and healthy growth. The need of plants for water depends on the structure of stalks, leaves, root system. For example, cacti can very long time does without moisture. And begonias need to be watered almost every day in the summer.

Water for watering of flowers

Use water for watering of plants only of high quality. The acid-base structure has to be neutral. It is desirable that water did not contain such harmful impurity as chlorine, fluorine, salts of heavy metals. For example, rn potable water varies from 6 to 9. Acidity of water or indicator of pH for watering of flowers has to be from 5.8 to 6.2. It is possible to measure pH level by means of the special device. The increased or lowered acidity of water can badly will affect health of flower and even to lead to his death.

Low water hardness is one more important indicator of its quality. The rigidity directly is affected by salts of calcium and magnesium which contain in water. Do not use too hard water for watering. There are several ways of softening of water. First, before watering it is desirable to settle water within 1-2 days. Secondly, hard water should be boiled, then it will become softer. Thirdly, use melt or rain water for watering. Fourthly, acidify water peat. Besides, it is possible to acidify water citric acid. Expense: 4 grams on 10 liters of water. If means allow, acidify water antiscorbutic vitamin. Fifthly, it is possible to soften water by means of various chemical medicines. Sixthly, use the filter for water which contains ion exchange resins or osmotic membranes.

There is opinion that flowers should be watered with mineral water. It is wrong. Mineral water contains carbon dioxide. And here in it it is no more oxygen, than in normal water. It is necessary to buy not mineral water, but normal drinking in 5 liter plastic bottles.

Some rules of watering of flowers

If you do not know when it is necessary to water flowers, look at the surface of the soil. The dry earth says that the plant should be watered. Some plants well grow on the dry soil. In this case for watering the earth has to be dry not only on surface, but also is slightly deeper. Water flowers early in the morning or in the evening. Water plants more often in the summer, and in the winter - is more rare. Remember that at each flower the individual need for watering. For example, the cyperus has to grow on the soil which constantly pereuvlazhnena. And plants-succulents, on the contrary, practically do not water in the winter. Never water plants with cold water but only room temperature. Otherwise plants will get sick, at them roots will decay, will fall down buds and so on. Use for watering watering can with narrow nose. By means of such nose it is convenient to make the way to the roots of flower. During watering the water jet has to be directed down. Liquid has to fill all distance between edge of pot and level of the soil. After watering, water has to filter into pallet. If it does not occur, repeat watering again. In 30 minutes pour out water of pallet. If you spray plant, watch that on it direct sunshine did not get. Water droplets on leaves are as if small lenses. They by all means will cause burn in plant.

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