As in house conditions to store carrots

As in house conditions to store carrots

Storage of carrots demands not only knowledge, but also additional resources. Despite this, most of people will be able to store carrots in house conditions.

Before understanding how in house conditions to store carrots, it is important to understand that not any product for this purpose will approach. It is necessary to choose only the whole fruits. On them there shouldn't be cuts, scratches and other damages. Otherwise, at first these sites, and after – all fruit will deteriorate soon.

If to speak about product forms, then preferences are given to grades of conical shape. The sizes of a fruit don't play a special role. Storage can subject both small, and big carrots.

Preparatory stage

That storage of carrots took place successfully, and fruits didn't deteriorate, that room in which they will be is important. It has to be dried up, disinfected. Airing of the room will be not superfluous.

Optimum, if carrots are stored in separate construction (a cellar, a barn). However many people live in apartment houses and have no similar opportunities. In this case it is worth packing fruits into packages and to place on the glazed balcony or the freezer. In the latter case carrots should be grated.

Effective storage techniques of carrots in house conditions

Maturing of carrots – process long. However on its extent carrots not only don't spoil, but it becomes better. Therefore houseconditionsthe room of fruits on Wednesday, similar for them, will be the most effective storage technique of carrots in . It can be:

  • sand;
  • clay;
  • sawdust;
  • the earth from beds.

The last way practices, most often, gardeners who have the round-the-clock access to the products. Carrots are just left in the earth for the winter until not to get it. Though the way also seems simple, in it there are nuances. Therefore it is recommended only to those who is well familiar with features of grades of carrots, the soil, climatic conditions.

Storage in sand – a widespread storage technique of a product. The order of laying passes as follows:

  • In a wooden box the uniform layer 5 cm thick fills damp sand.
  • From above root crops keep within. They shouldn't concern each other.
  • From above the following layer of sand is filled up.
  • Perform operation until all box isn't filled.

The same principle of laying can be repeated by means of coniferous sawdust and clay. But in the latter case raw materials have to have consistence of sour cream. Otherwise clay won't be able to cover fruits completely. 

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