How tasty to pickle eggplants: 2 original ways

How tasty to pickle eggplants: 2 original ways

Try to depart from preparation of habitual caviar from eggplants. Surprise the guests with two new types of snack from ""blue"": in the European and east styles!

The first recipe is from solar Sicily. Its charm is that snack turns out absolutely nonfat. It is no secret that many refuse this vegetable only because it is cooked in a large amount of oil.

Eggplants on a grill in Italian


- 6 small eggplants;

- 4-5 garlic gloves;

- several leaves of fresh mint;

- olive oil;

- balsam vinegar;

- salt.


Take small eggplants (big always  less tasty), wash also razrezhtey on 2 parts, and then on slices about 0.3 cm thick. Properly rub them I will merge and leave for half an hour that it extended all bitterness from vegetables. In 30 minutes the formed liquid it is necessary to merge and wash out ""blue"".

Slightly oil a grill and lay out on it slices of eggplants. Fry periodically overturning that they didn't burn, to full readiness.

Grate garlic and mix with olive oil and balsam vinegar to taste. Add small chopped greens of mint, mix.

Take a spacious container. Lay out eggplants in it and generously grease by means of a brush with oil mix. Cover with the second layer and also cover it with oil. Repeat action until eggplants don't end. 

Close a container a cover and send to the fridge at least for the night. And in general - the more will stand, the will be more tasty!

This snack is ideally combined with a slice of fried grain bread.

Eggplants with a soy-bean sauce and spices

 It will be necessary for preparation of these sharp eggplants for us:

- 4-5 small eggplants;

- 2 cm of a root of ginger;

- 2 tablespoons of greens of cilantro;

- 25 ml of sesame oil;

- 25 ml of rice vinegar;

- 50 ml of a soy-bean sauce;

- 2-3 garlic gloves.


Cut vegetables lengthways and make cuts ""network"" about 0.5 cm in depth. Mix grated fresh ginger and garlic, fresh greens of cilantro, oil, vinegar and a soy-bean sauce in the processor.

Grease with the turned-out mix eggplants and leave for 45-50 minutes. 

Warm an oven to 200 degrees and send there pickled blue approximately for 20 minutes, until ready.

They are just amazingly combined with meat on a grill - surely try to prepare during a summer season!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team