Useful things for the house the hands

Useful things for the house the hands

Progress does not stand still and regularly in the world there are new convenient devices which allow to simplify and improve life. In most cases such pleasure costs expensive therefore many learn to create hand-made articles and useful things the hands for the house. By the way, some people constructed real, and, above all, successful business, creating independently unique things which enjoy wide popularity in modern society. There is a huge amount of the ideas, will share some of them.

How to make with own hands useful things for the house?

The famous interior designers assure that it is possible to make original accessories and useful things which will decorate an interior of old and unnecessary things and will make the room of even more comfortable. What cannot but please – everything becomes simply and it will not be necessary to invest big money.

Useful things for the house the hands:

  1. In Soviet period, probably, in each family there were couple of rackets for badminton. They can become a fine basis for beautiful mirrors which can be placed, for example, in the hall. Just it is necessary to remove all fishing line and to cut out a mirror in a racket form. That the reflecting surface was recorded, it is possible to use silicone adhesive. For maintenance of the general design of the room the rackets can be painted or decorated in any way.
  2. Original design lamps cost expensive in shops, but if to have necessary details, then them it is easy to make with own hands. For example, it is possible to use old hats, but they should not be from flammable materials.
  3. Perhaps, many will also be surprised, but the old wooden step-ladder or a ladder can become a useful thing for the house and a cosiness. Everything is very simple, it is necessary to paint a ladder or just to open it with varnish, the main thing that she fitted into an interior. It will be necessary only to attach it to a wall and to place, for example, books. If the step-ladder is used, then on it it is possible to place wide boards that will allow to put on them various small objects or flowers in pots.
  4. The old lamp TV can become an original aquarium. For this purpose it is necessary to take out from it a kinescope and other unnecessary details and to put capacity with an aquarium. Thanks to a strong framework the TV will be able to sustain the big weight created by water.
  5. Chair – a useful thing for the house and the dacha which can be made of an old suitcase. Legs can be got in shop of furniture or, in the presence of tools, it is possible to make them independently. Attach them on one party, previously having painted or having decorated. One more important detail – two soft pillows suitable by the suitcase size. That's all, the original hall or dacha chair is ready. If desired it is possible to decorate also a suitcase.
  6. The prices of furniture increase every year, and especially if it something original and unusual. Beautiful and unusual furniture it is possible to make with own hands, using pallets which are in any hardware store for a basis. It is easy to saw, paint and fasten them among themselves. It is possible to make a table, a sofa, a bed, a plank bed, a case of pallets. Only several pallets, pillows also turn out an original chair which will become a highlight of an interior of any room.
  7. It is possible to make original hours for kitchen of old tableware. Even plastic ware will approach. It is necessary to take a round basis from a tree, to paste around at a certain distance devices and to paint them at will. It will be necessary only to attach the clockwork and it is possible to decorate kitchen original hours.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team