How to calculate blow force

How to calculate blow force

Many beginning athletes are interested in a question: how to determine force of blow of the boxer, for example, by pear? The blow force, as well as any other force submits to physical laws and depends on several sizes.


1. To determine force of punch or other any subject, it is necessary to know the following values: the mass of the striking subject, contact time, speed of the movement of the striking subject. The more that speed with which the fist or other subject moved before collision than more its weight and the is shorter time of contact than it with that obstacle which it encountered and, the more there will be that average value of force with which the subject will strike a blow.

2. Under the second law of Newton, the formula of determination of force of blow will look as follows: F = m (v1 – v2) / (t1 – t2) where m is a mass of the striking subject, v1 and v2 - it is speed at the time of the beginning of blow and after it, and t1 and t2 is time which was spent for contact. From a formula it is visible that with what more time occupies blow, that it is weaker. For this reason boxers at trainings and competitions put on soft gloves. They prolong time of contact with the opponent and by that soften blow. It is also visible that blow force is strongly influenced by speed. The faster flies a fist, the will be stronger blow. Therefore at trainings the athletes not only build up muscle bulk, but also learn to move quickly.

3. If it is about vertical blow, that is about blow force when falling a subject from any height (we will remember Newton and apple), then for determination of force it is necessary to know height which the body flew by, acceleration of gravity (it is equal to about 10 m / с2) and its weight. That is the apple weighing about 200 grams which flew by three meters and gained speed near 8m/with will adjoin to the earth during 4 milliseconds. At the same time force of blow will be about 500 N. Eto rather big size, but considering that the contact was very short, such force cannot do harm.

4. As for any blow truly - the more time, the less force of blow - at trips in the car use belts and safety cushions. They tighten blow time, so, soften its force. For this reason in case of accident they can save to you life.

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