How to cook fish green peas soup

How to cook fish green peas soup

Soups are simply necessary for those who care for the health. Fish soups are especially useful. Recipes for such soups large number. Among seldom found - fish green peas soup. It is simple in preparation and has refined taste.

It is required to you

  • – water 3 liters;
    • fish 1/2 kilograms;
    • bell pepper 4 pieces;
    • carrots 2 pieces;
    • bay leaf 2 pieces;
    • celery 2 pieces;
    • onion 2 pieces;
    • desi of 50 grams;
    • green peas of 200 grams;
    • potatoes 4 pieces;
    • milk 1/2 liters;
    • parsley greens;
    • salt to taste.


1. Any fish - both river, and sea will be suitable for preparation of soup (a cod, a humpback salmon, a salmon, a pike, etc.). It should be cleaned from scales, to gut, remove fillet, to wash out.

2. To fill in fish bones, gills, tail parts and the heads with cold water. Put to cook on weak fire. When water begins to boil, to scum, cook 20-25 more minutes without cover.

3. To cut with fillet of fish on portion pieces, onions - half rings, a celery and carrots - small cubes, potatoes - large cubes, to cut parsley greens, to pound pepper.

4. Filter ready fish broth through a gauze or a strainer, to bring to the boil, to put in it onions, a celery, carrots, potatoes, fish, bay leaf and greens of parsley. Cook 5-10 minutes without cover. If you have no fresh greens of parsley, it is possible to put 2-3 branches of dry stalks of parsley in soup, to boil thoroughly slightly and then to take out them from a pan.

5. Kindle, pour in a desi in fish soup.

6. Vylushchit young green peas. Boil in the added some salt water until ready - it will borrow approximately minutes 10. For fish soup it is also possible to use canned green peas together with liquid from banks.

7. Add green peas to fish soup, salt, pepper. Cook 5-10 more minutes.

8. Pour in milk in fish green peas soup, bring to the boil. Milk can be replaced with low-fat cream. To remove bay leaf from a ready-to-eat meal.

9. The amount of necessary ingredients is calculated on 5 portions. Before giving it is possible to put chopped greens of parsley in plates. Fish green peas soup should be used right after preparation, otherwise it loses useful properties. Enjoy your meal!

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