How to draw a bias

How to draw a bias

At implementation of technical drawings there is quite regularly a need to draw a straight line under some corner to already existing line. This corner is also accepted to a bias. The principle of creation of a bias is identical to classical drawing and to performance of a task in the AutoCAD program.

It is required to you

  • - paper;
  • - drawing accessories;
  • - calculator;
  • - computer with the AutoCAD program.


1. Draw an initial line. It is more convenient if it is located vertically or horizontally, but in practice so happens not always. To understand how in general the bias is considered and is drawn, take this straight line for horizontal. Designate on it a point And. From a point And carry out a perpendicular up.

2. Postpone any quantity of identical pieces for both straight lines. In this case it is not important what they will be lengths. The main thing — that they were identical on vertical and horizontal axes. The bias usually registers as the relation of quantity of such pieces on both lines.

3. Designate a horizontal straight line as l, and vertical — as h. Then the bias of i will be equal to height relation to length. If to present the line of a bias necessary to you as a hypotenuse of the rectangular triangle formed by a horizontal straight line and   the perpendicular lowered on it from a final point of the line of a bias, then it will turn out that the bias equals to a tangent of angle between the line of a bias and direct l, that is it is possible to count it on a formula i=h/l=tgA.

4. Let's say you need to draw the bias designated as m: n. Postpone from a point And on a straight line which you designated as h, quantity of identical pieces, equal m. Postpone n of the same pieces for direct l. From final points carry out perpendiculars before their crossing in a certain point which can be designated, for example, as V. Soyedinite of a point And yes V. Eto also will be a bias necessary to you.

5. In tasks very often it is required to draw a bias under a certain corner, but at the same time the ratio is not given. In this case options are possible. For example, you can postpone from the same point And a corner to a horizontal and to draw through it a line of a bias. It is possible and calculate a tangent, and already on it to build a bias just as in the first way.

6. Computer programs significantly facilitated life to draftsmen and designers. If you established AutoCAD, process of drawing of a bias will take not enough time. Some intermediate stages necessary at drawing of a bias on a leaf, at the same time fall.

7. Set the initial line. It is possible to make it, for example, the _xline team. Enter it into a command line. The program will submit to you inquiry in response to which it is necessary to enter coordinates of a starting point.

8. On the screen you will have a line which rotates around the specified point. It needs to give the necessary situation. If you already have a line to which it is necessary to carry out at an angle another, choose the option "Corner". In a command line there will be an inquiry suggesting to enter the size of a corner or the basic line. Choose the necessary value.

9. If you set the corner size, then the program will suggest to set a point through which there will pass the straight line. When choosing the basic line you can specify the line concerning which the bias will be drawn on the drawing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team