How to make a right angle

How to make a right angle

Most of people remembers what it is a right angle from an obligatory school course of geometry. Even if you well remember definition, it is not always simple to draw it. However there is a mass of easy ways of creation of a right angle.

It is required to you

  • drawing triangle, sheet of paper, pencil


1. First of all, it is necessary to address definition of a right angle. So, it is the corner in ninety degrees formed by two perpendicular straight lines. One more explanation says that the right angle represents a half of the developed corner. It is the simplest to draw a right angle, using a drawing triangle. It is necessary to put densely it to paper and to draw a pencil two lines along its parties perpendicular each other.

2. The following option is to use a protractor. For this purpose it is also necessary to put densely the drawing tool to the sheet of paper, then to note a corner in ninety degrees, to put a stroke at the corresponding tag and to draw a line on a ruler to which the semicircle with a goniometric scale is attached. After that it is necessary to connect a stroke to already nacherchenny line by means of a ruler.

3. If you set the task to construct a right angle on the squared paper sheet, then it is enough to draw two lines perpendicular each other on sections. It can be done both with a ruler, and without it – existence of cages will help to make lines equal and direct.

4. Besides, it is possible to use a simple ruler as most often in a form it is a rectangle. Respectively, it is necessary to draw one line on the long party of a ruler and one – along short. The second in case of need can be prolonged by means of the same tool.

5. One more method which will help out if near at hand there is no special drawing tool. You will be helped by squared various objects which can be circled: books, sheets of dense cardboard, a cover from under audio-disks, cigarette packs, packings from under drugs and any other. Having any writing means with a sharp tip, the sheet of paper and a rectangular subject, you can construct a right angle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team