How to make home-made dairy products

How to make home-made dairy products

There is a set of recipes for a various dairy products in house conditions. They turn out much more tasty and more usefully than those that are on sale in shop.

Sour cream

It is the best of all to cook home-made sour cream from natural whole milk. It can be got in the market from private sellers. After a while on a surface of milk cream will appear. remove them a spoon in separate glasswares. Make curdled milk of milk. Pour in cream in ready curdled milk, mix weight and sustain within a day at a temperature of 5-8 degrees. House sour cream is ready.

Cottage cheese

There are several ways of preparation of cottage cheese, all of them are rather long and labor-consuming. Try to make cottage cheese on the accelerated way.

Take milk and kefir in equal quantity. Boil milk, add to it kefir. Remove a pan from fire. Collect the formed weight, lay out it in a sack from two layers of a gauze, slightly wring out and suspend until serum flows down completely. From 1 liter of dairy and kefiric mix about 150-180 grams of cottage cheese turn out.

Baked milk

To receive the most tasty baked milk of pleasant beige color, take a clay pot, pour in it in milk and cover. Put in an oven on weak fire. milk will be ready in several hours. It will gain dark cream color and will become covered by an appetizing skin.

Boiled fermented milk

This product is cooked from baked milk which is fermented sour cream or kefir. Add 1 teaspoon on a glass of baked milk. Leave in heat until ready.

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