How to prepare the baked squash with mincemeat

How to prepare the baked squash with mincemeat

Vegetables and meat – a remarkable combination for creation of very tasty and at the same time rather light lunch. Add to it originality and a festive esthetics even if you prepare for a usual family meal, and bake squash with mincemeat.

The baked squash with mincemeat: recipe


- 1.2-1.5 kg of young squash; - 600 g of pork; - 400 g of beef or veal; - 1 egg;

- 4 tablespoons of rice; - 1 carrots; - 1 bulb; - 1 tomato; - 50 g of a hard unsweetened cheese; - on 3 branches of fennel and parsley; - 1/3 tsps of a black sprinkling pepper;

- 2.5 tsps of salt; - vegetable oil.

If you prefer to use only a lean meat or a breast of a bird for a farshirovka of vegetables, put a sour cream spoon in a stuffing to make it more gentle.

Put to cook rice. Wash up steaks of pork and beef, dry them a paper towel, cut on large bars and miss via the meat grinder. Clean a bulb from a peel, chop and divide into 2 portions. Add a half of onions, boiled rice, chopped greens to forcemeat, pour in egg there, pour a sprinkling pepper and 1.5 tsps of salt. Properly vent everything, it is desirable hands that all components were distributed evenly.

If stuffed vegetable marrows turned out too much, place a part on a tray or a flat plate, wrap up in food wrap and freeze on the future.

Cut off a thin skin from squash and cut everyone across on 2-4 thick circles. Accurately cut out from them cores. Lay pulp, and fill the remained "cups" without bottom with forcemeat. Stack a stuffing rather densely that when cooking the stuffed vegetables weren't deformed.

The baked squash with mincemeat: preparation

Make fragrant fried vegetables for the main course. Grate carrots, cut tomato and the central parts of squash on small pieces. Warm vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry in it the onions remains within 2 minutes. Shift to it other vegetables, salt to taste and you extinguish 10 minutes a baking plate a cover, having lowered fire to the minimum. Don't forget to stir slowly periodically preparing weight with a wooden spoon or a scapula. Establish temperature in an oven, equal 180oC. Take a deep baking tray or a heat resisting form and miss the mark with vegetable oil from within. Put crude squash cheese later a half of the specified time there. Give 2-3 rings with meat on each portion plate together with a vegetable garnish and fresh sour cream.

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