How to put a root

How to put a root

When writing scientific and technical articles before some expressions sometimes it is necessary to put a root. In most cases, it is a root square. For this purpose enough built-in Word tools. It is necessary to pick up the option which is most suitable in this case only.

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1. In the simplest cases it is possible to be limited to a root which can be put by means of the Insert symbol menu. Select items of the main Vstavka-Simvol menu... Choose in the appeared plate with character set the sign of a square root and press the Insert button. Then the sign of a square root at once will appear in the text on the place of the cursor. (If the window with character set blocks the text, emergence of a root can and be not noticed).

2. Search of a square root can be accelerated if to choose in the field "set": line "mathematical symbols". For display of the complete list of available symbols, in the field "from" establish "Unicode (shestn.)". If the code of a root square is known to you, then insert it into the special field: "Code of the sign". If it is not known, then you can write down: "221A" or "221a" (letter "A" - English).

3. Carry out repeated input by means of the Earlier Used Symbols panel. For a semi-automatic set of a root adjust "hot keys" or the corresponding parameters of automatic replacement in the same window. Pay attention also to the chosen font – can not be in some fonts of the sign of a root.

4. If very much you hurry, then try to put a root square by means of a combination of the Alt key and number 251 gathered on a digital part of the keyboard.

5. If the root needs to be put before difficult mathematical expression or a root – not square, then it is better to write a badge of a root in the editor of formulas. For this purpose select menu items: An insert – the Object – Microsoft Equation 3.0. In the opened editor of mathematical formulas it will be possible both to put a root of any degree, and to gather difficult subradical there is no vyrazheniyeesla of the Microsoft Equation 3.0 point, this option means it is not established. For its installation insert an adjusting disk with a MS Office package which includes the Word program and start installation. Note Microsoft Equation 3.0 then this opportunity will become available.

6. If you with something do not accept the above way, select consistently items of the main menu: An insert – the Field – the Formula – Eq. After that there will be available the same editor of mathematical formulas.

7. It is possible to put a root also a combination of special symbols. Press a combination of Ctrl+F9 keys (F9, holding Ctrl). Then, in braces gather the next line: eq (; 10) also press F9 key. As a result on the screen the root square of ten will appear. Naturally, instead of 10 it is possible to enter any necessary number, and before a semicolon – an indicator of the taken degree... Further the received expression can always be edited.

8. It is possible to put a root, having drawn it with the "graphic editor" who is built in Word. For this purpose choose the Line tool and draw three adjacent pieces. Not to zabudtevybrat suitable "flow with the text": "before the text" or "behind the text".

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