How to solve problems of m and. Moro

How to solve problems of m and. Moro

Many children face a problem in the solution of tasks at elementary school. Often it is connected with development of so-called ""clip"" thinking when the child sees on the screen, for example, the pictures replacing each other, and between them does not establish connection. The impossibility to establish logical connection in a task is also the reason of many difficulties arising at its decision.

It is required to you

  • - Text of a task
  • - Paper
  • - Handle


1. Read a task. Find out for yourself value of all unclear words.

2. Read to the child only a statement of the problem. Whether it is clear to it what for action is carried out and how it occurs?

3. Read a task question. Whether the child understands what is required to be learned?

4. Repeat necessary theoretical material according to a statement of the problem (finding of the party of a rectangle, perimeter, the area, time, speed, distance, the volume, weight, etc.).

5. Proceeding from a task question, think whether it is possible to answer it immediately. If data are enough, choose action, write down the solution of a task and the answer.

6. If immediately it is impossible to answer a task question, think what data are not enough and as to find them, using these statements of the problem. Choose action, find missing data. Repeat performance of this step until you do not answer a question of a task. After the decision do not forget to write the answer.

7. To help the child to understand a task and drawing up short record of a task, the drawing, drawing, scheme can push him on the correct decision. The ability to solve problems is impossible without development of figurative and logical thinking, a broad outlook. Often the child cannot solve a problem since he cannot just imagine what it is about. Reading fiction and the developing classes will help to cope with this problem.

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