Pancakes with meat stuffing

Pancakes with meat stuffing

Pancakes with meat stuffing - a tasty, rich dish. They can be given not only for Maslenitsa, but also in usual days. Nourishing snack will be pleasant both to adults, and children. And it is absolutely simple to make pancakes in house conditions.

Take 500 ml of the 3.2% milk which is warmed up to room temperature, mix with 3 eggs, add salt to taste, 2 tablespoons of sugar and carefully shake up the received mix a nimbus. Put 1/2 tsps of soda in a bowl, again mix. Sift 300 g of flour, and, accurately stirring slowly, pour it parts into a mobile dough. Then pour in 50 ml of boiled water and 10 ml of sunflower oil. Leave for half an hour.

Warm a frying pan on a plate, add vegetable oil. Bake pancakes, overturning them from two parties, till golden color. Then put the hill and cool.

Stuffing No. 1: prepare 300 g of fast beef, 1 napiform bulb and 20 g of a desi. Boil beef, cut its small into cubes or overwind on the meat grinder. Add the onions fried on a desi, mix it with meat. Fill pancakes. Stuffing No. 2: take 300 g of mincemeat, 1 carrots, 2 eggs, 2 napiform bulbs. Grate carrots, cut onions small into cubes, fry vegetables on average fire. Add forcemeat and chopped eggs, carefully mix. Bring a stuffing to full readiness, and then distribute it on a surface of each pancake. Roll and spread out on a flat plate. You can decorate with chopped parsley and water with sour cream. Pancakes can be served, proceeding from own imagination. Very effectively the sacks which are tied up by feathers of green onions look, the tubules cut on several parts decorated with parsley branches will be not less interesting. It is possible to serve such pancakes a la carte. If to fill with such pancakes previously drawn chicken, and then to bake her in an oven and to give to guests, you will be able easily to blow their mind and to pass for the refined culinary specialist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team