Potassium permanganate: application and councils for preparation

Potassium permanganate: application and councils for preparation

The Margantsovokisly potassium called in use "potassium permanganate" is a fine anti-septic tank. It finds broad application in medical practice and in life thanks to the disinfecting properties.

As potassium permanganate solution looks

The concentrated solution of margantsovokisly potassium has violet color. At small concentration of substance liquid looks light pink.

How to prepare potassium permanganate solution for washing of a stomach

Solution of potassium permanganate can be used for washing of a stomach at poisoning. It will help to clean an organism from pathogenic bacteria and their toxins. For this purpose it is necessary to dissolve antiseptic in water before receiving a light pink shade, to allow the patient to drink this liquid (2-3 liters) then to provoke vomiting.

It is important to consider that not all crystals of potassium permanganate can be dissolved, but not dissolved margantsovokisly potassium causes serious burns mucous a gullet and a stomach. Therefore granules of potassium permanganate should be dissolved at first in a small amount of liquid, then to filter through several layers of a gauze, and after it to add the received saturated solution to water bulk. It has to turn pink only slightly as saturated-pink solution is also fraught with burns of internals.

Water for washing has to be warm: cold water badly dissolves potassium permanganate and annoyingly affects mucous. It is possible to store the prepared solution no more day in the darkened container. It should be protected from hit of direct sunshine.

How to use potassium permanganate for bathing of newborns

Margantsovokisly potassium can be applied to disinfection of water when bathing newborns, but it is not necessary to add substance crystals directly at all to a bathtub as, having got on gentle skin of the baby, they can cause burns. Prepare previously solution, having filled in a few granules of potassium permanganate with boiled water, having stirred and having waited for their full dissolution, and pour in it in water. It is more convenient to dissolve solution in a transparent glass that not dissolved crystals lying at the bottom remained are visible.

Treatment of conjunctivitis and other diseases of potassium permanganate

Margantsovokisly potassium can help at treatment of conjunctivitis. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare weak solution of potassium permanganate and to wash out it eyes. Such solution it is also possible to rinse a throat for treatment of a tonsillitis or to process a mouth at stomatitis. Having twice a day a glass of weak solution of potassium permanganate, it is possible to get rid also of intestinal frustration.

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