Secrets of preparation of tasty dishes from bony fish

Secrets of preparation of tasty dishes from bony fish

It is clear, that the river fish with an eternal problem of pinbones doesn't come within miles of juicy fat fillet of the sea relative. But having mastered some ways of preparation of bony fish, from her it is possible to cook even festive dishes.

In the light of the last rise in price of products it is a high time to pass to a cheap river fish who doesn't concede  sea on gustatory qualities at all. Of course, the last is rich with polyunsaturated fatty acids, iodine and bromine that in a river fish isn't present. But also that and another is a source of the valuable animal protein containing essential amino acids which is acquired much easier, than protein of meat. However the love for taste of a river fish is saddened by a large number of pinbones which beat off all desire  is it. But experienced culinary specialists claim that there are at least three ways of fight against bony structure of a small-sized river fish.

As it is correct to fry bony fish

It is thought it is no secret that many hostesses after removal of scales and an entrails of bony fish, still do notches on both sides along fork bones to the buckler of beef. Though this way is familiar to much, not everyone trusts it. Like,  all the same after frying of pinbones there is a lot of. Such result turns out if hurriedly pulp near the ridge isn't cut rather deeply. And intervals between cuts are too big.

To make the correct cuts, it is necessary to have sharply ground knife with a thin edge. It is the best of all to arrange fish on a board for cutting so that the knife moved from a belly to the ridge. That is to put fish a back to itself. The distance between cuts has to be 5–7 mm. Having been accustomed, it can be made and  even less, or to make an incision all surface of fish on small squares. After such processing, it needs to be rubbed with salt, to dunk in flour and to send to the heated oil.

However there is  one more subtlety – vegetable oil has to be so much that it reached ridge peak. Otherwise pinbones will be really felt. That the river fish turned out tasty and juicy, it is necessary to fry at high temperatures. Then the crust will fry, and pulp will remain gentle inside. On small fire  it is longer necessary to fry, and fish can turn out dryish.

Roasting of bony fish in an oven

Generally fat grades of fish are exposed to roasting in an oven, but in the same place it is possible to prepare a carp, a bream, a crucian. Preliminary cutting of a fish trunk same, as in the previous option. If getting hungry fish and to enjoy her taste, then it isn't necessary to be lazy to do frequent longitudinal cuts. It is the best of all to bake in a foil at the bottom of which "pillow" is made of vegetables and greens, and  fish is already put then.

It is considered that the river fish "is on friendly terms" with seasonings and sauces therefore it is possible without being sorry to rub fish with mix of sour cream or mayonnaise with garlic, a coriander, ginger and any other fallen in love spicery. Comfort temperature for roasting of 180 degrees. The dish will be ready approximately in 40–45 minutes. But if it is necessary to receive a ruddy crust, then it is possible to leave fish in an oven  for 10 minutes, having opened at the same time a foil and having added temperature to 200 degrees. If the large river fish prepared in an oven, then it quite descends for a festive dish.

Preparation fish cutlets

It is possible to let a small bony small fish to preparation of cutlets or meatballs, having turned her on 2–3 times via the meat grinder. In general the recipe of forcemeat for fish cutlets differs in nothing from meat. The same roll soaked in water or milk, egg, salt, black ground pepper. But if to add to the minced fish still the pork scrolled fat, grated potato which is small cut and the onions fried on a desi, a soda pinch, then surprisingly gentle juicy cutlets will turn out. Undoubtedly, bony fish demands more time for cutting and preliminary preparation, but the result is worth it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team