Tasty recipes: crabs dishes

Tasty recipes: crabs dishes

Tasty, beautifully and... expensively - so characterize crabs dishes. Such food often is considered elite. Especially if you are going to try such food at restaurant. However if you got a fresh crab, can save and arrange significantly a gastronomic feast at home. Original recipes for this sea inhabitant huge number.

Crab meat not only tasty, but also very useful. As well as many seafood, a crab represents proteinaceous food which differs in the lowered content of fats. Therefore they are an excellent dietary dish. Crab meat contains taurine - the amino acid promoting strengthening of walls of vessels and muscles of a human body. Also in it availability of polysaturated fatty acids is noted at the expense of what crab meat, getting into a human body, promotes decrease in level of cholesterol in blood.

Crab meat is quickly acquired therefore with its help it is possible to improve digestion. Also crab meat contains the iodine compensating its insufficient quantity at the person. Vitamins B and RR, minerals, etc. are additional pluses of such product as crab meat.

Recipes of dishes from a crab

Naturally, very first that occurs from recipes, is a salad. So, for example, crab paprika salad can become excellent decoration of your table. And it should be taken into account that it is necessary to take in this dish exclusively crab meat, but not sticks as many like to do. Natural crab impacts it original and saturated relish. It will be necessary for 4 portions of such salad for you: - a crabmeat - 100 g; - paprika - 1 piece; - chicken fillet - 100 g; - tomato - 1 g; - gas station for salad (who uses mayonnaise, who sour cream, who yogurt) - 60 g; - salt, pepper - to taste. Cut chicken fillet with straws and fry it in a desi until ready. If you want more dietary dish, you can use boiled chicken fillet. Pepper, tomato and a crabmeat need also to be cut with straws. Mix everything and fill salad. For appearance before giving decorate salad with a lemon, a leaf of salad. It is possible to use a claw of a crab in addition. It is possible to make crab meat in milk batter. Such snack will become the excellent beginning of a feast. It is necessary to serve a crab in batter with white wine. It will be necessary for preparation of such snack for you: - a crabmeat - 500 g; - milk - 200 ml; - olive oil - 2 tablespoons; - flour - 250 g; - egg - 3 pieces; - bread crumbs - 2 tablespoons; - salt, pepper to taste; - vegetable oil for hot fan. Make batter. For this purpose shake up milk with 3 yolks, add some salt and add olive oil. Fans original вкусв can add a little chopped greens. Further add flour and bread crumbs, knead dough. Beat the cooled whites in abrupt foam and accurately rub them into dough. Warm in deep capacity oil until on a surface there are no bubbles signaling about boiling of oil and its readiness for frying. Cut crab meat rectangles approximately about a matchbox, dip it into batter and lower in oil. It is necessary to fry kraovy meat to a golden crust. It is possible to indulge the relatives and guests with crab cutlets. Such dish very tasty, air and gentle. It will be necessary for preparation of cutlets from crabs for you: - a crabmeat - 200 g; - a hard cheese - 150 g; - egg - 1 piece; - garlic - 2 cloves; - salt, pepper - to taste. Rasp crab meat or by means of the food processor. Grate small cheese. Squeeze out garlic. Mix everything. Shake up egg, add some salt, pepper and mix it together with bulk - it surely has to be homogeneous. Further start molding of cutlets. Later roll in them breaded or flour. In a frying pan warm vegetable oil - a little that cutlets were nonfat. Heat it and put cutlets to be fried before emergence of a ruddy golden crust. Approximately for roasting of each party you need about 3 minutes. Souffle from crabs will become an original dish. It is necessary for you for it: - crab meat - 100 g; - fennel green fresh - 50 g; - Chile paprika - 1 piece; - milk - 200 ml; - butter 0 20 of; - wheat flour - 20 g; - cheese of firm grades - 80 g; - egg - 3 pieces; - hot red pepper - 1 pinch; - suar breading - 50 g; - salt, pepper - to taste. Prepare molds for souffle. That your dish to me burned, fill crackers. Further start directly preparation. Chop small fennel and fresh pepper. Then there add the crushed crab meat. Strew all with hot pepper. Then enter 2 eggs and properly mix everything. In a separate saucepan mix flour, oil, milk. Put everything on fire and you cook until thick milk, without forgetting to stir slowly. Pour cheese into hot mix and continue to cook mix until cheese melts. Further it is necessary to beat egg white of the remained egg. Massú with crab meat needs to fill in with milk, then to add protein whip. Accurately mix everything. Later spread out weight on molds. Remember that it is necessary to leave 1 cm that souffle was where to rise to edge. It is necessary to bake a dish in the oven warmed up to 180 wasps within 35 minutes.

What should be considered

At preparation try not to rumple strongly crab meat that it didn't lose the juice. However large pieces try not to undress too, except for those recipes where large cutting is required. It is possible to serve crab meat with different drinks. But most often the choice falls on white wine, or beer.

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