What is shock freezing

What is shock freezing

Shock freezing is the very popular way of storage of food keeping all useful properties of food. If freezing is made correctly, products after thawing will not differ from fresh. It is practically possible to freeze everything that incorporates moisture.

Shock freezing does not cause change of structure and the chemical composition of food. Features of freezing of liquid are its cornerstone. The essence of a method consists in cooling of food with such speed at which there is a water microcrystallization. But it not simple freezing, the volume of crystals of ice in relation to the initial volume of liquid substance does not increase. Here the main criterion - the freezing speed, but not temperature condition.

Essence of process of shock freezing

Speaking about this way of preservation of products, it is talked not about a set of special processing equipment, and about achievement of result of microcrystallization of liquid. Shock freezing includes three stages: cooling, podmorazhivaniye and domorazhivaniye. Temperature of the camera reaches - 40 wasps, and thanks to aeration of the evaporator there is an accelerated movement of air in this camera. Bigger fall of temperature and increase in blowing is inexpedient, at the same time power is unfairly spent and products begin to be deformed. If to increase power at a podmorazhivaniye stage, then process considerably will accelerate.

The main difference of shock freezing from usual speaks simply. At usual freezing, ice crystals which size is more than the size of a water molecule are formed. Because of it the moisture freezing in a product changes structure of food and destroys it. The food frozen in the ordinary way when defrosting gets out of the shape and valuable food qualities. In the course of shock freezing the formed crystals of ice do not exceed the size of a water molecule. The structure of a product in this case does not suffer, and when defrosting the useful properties of food will not get to anywhere.

Pluses of fast freezing

Advantages of shock freezing are obvious. If to freeze cutlets in the usual way, on it at least 2.5 hours will be required, and at fast freezing there will be enough also 30 minutes. At shock freezing, crystals of ice of the smaller sizes are formed. At the same time products keep the appeal to buyers as their form is not mentioned. Also plus of fast freezing is that there is no loss of weight of a product and development of bacteria. At a high speed of freezing of a bacterium just do not manage to develop and leave marks of the activity in food. The period of activity of pathogenic bacteria is minimum. As for a period of storage, at the quick-frozen foodstuff it is much more, than at the products frozen in the ordinary freezer.

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