As there is a reproduction by escapes

As there is a reproduction by escapes

Reproduction by escapes is vegetative, at the same time types of escapes by means of which it can happen, exists a little. Anyway as the purpose serves education on escape or its part of roots.

Rooting by escapes

Rooting by parts of escapes or escapes - the easiest and widespread way of reproduction of plants. Simplest escapes take roots in bank with water, it is possible to use this way on the relation practically to all plants, even whimsical. Nevertheless there are some distinctions which have to change depending on a species of the implanted plant.

Not all plants well transfer change of water in which there are escapes on rooting. Probably, sometimes in this water necessary products of exchange collect. Badly the taking roots sprouts of a passionflower transfer water change, as a result of it they can even die. It is desirable to add in process of evaporation to them water.

For some escapes has value and an amount of water in bank. For example, the honeysuckle in bank of 200 ml will not give roots if there are more than 3 shanks, it for rooting needs a scope. Also water level in bank is of great importance. That on escape roots were formed, presence at oxygen water is necessary, and roots will be formed only on border of water and air. In deep tanks insufficient amount of oxygen at the bottom, and it quite often leads to rotting of escapes. There is a way of reproduction in which shanks stick in potatoes tuber with previously removed eyes. The tuber is dug in at the same time to the earth, and escape is covered with a can and regularly watered.

Rooting by parts of escapes

Reproduction by parts of escapes, or layers, consists in formation of a new plant on the escapes which are not separated from a maternal plant. An interesting way of reproduction - air layers, but it is applicable for a small amount of plants. For a start decide on length of future plant and choose the appropriate place on escape. In this place the escape is exempted from leaves, and along a stalk several cuts in the same place become. On the made an incision places impose the soil or a moss, and outside wrap it in geotextiles or plain polyethylene to begin rooting. Instead of a film the small pot which kind of is put on escape interestingly looks. The pot is for this purpose sawn on two parts, and in day the opening equal to diameter of escape becomes. Put on both halves escape and fix, placing inside the same moss or the soil, not forgetting to moisten substrate regularly. When escape takes roots, the stalk of a maternal plant is cut off at the bottom of a pot. Horizontal layers are the escapes laid on the earth and fixed on it in 2-3 places, powdered from above with the earth. After rooting also separate from a maternal plant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team