As well as by means of what concentration of attention improves

As well as by means of what concentration of attention improves

Concentration is one of the most important factors influencing that, how qualitatively we can remember information. The problem is that not each person can brag of well developed ability to concentrate. Today you can meet a huge number of various techniques by means of which it is possible to improve concentration, but the most effective of them the following.


1. Carrying out various tasks, you can save the attention by means of the fact that divide your work into certain cycles. Use this equipment even in the most ordinary situations, for example, in the course of washing of ware. Take the first plate in a hand, then mentally tell yourself "Start" and begin to wash it, and try to pay it attention maximum, present that you carry out surgery. Having finished with one plate, tell "Stop". Further upon transition to the following subject, repeat exercise.

2. Reach a comfortable position and put before yourself any thing, for example, a key, an eraser or a pencil. Within several minutes try to keep the attention on this subject. If you suddenly distract, then return a look back and again concentrate. You watch that how many times for a certain period you distracted. With each training try to reduce this number.

3. For the following exercise take a pencil in a hand and prepare the sheet of paper. Then begin to conduct slowly a pencil on a leaf, at the same time try to concentrate on that place where the tip of a pencil adjoins to paper. Every time when you distract, draw a sharp impulse. When you reach the end of paper, execute this exercise once again. Track how long you could draw a straight line.

4. When you have a lot of free time, look around yourself and find a small object, for example, a point on wall-paper or a small screw in furniture. Then within ten minutes concentrate on this subject, try to forget about the world around. Let these several minutes, the subject chosen by you, will become for you the center of the Universe. Even when something will distract you, continue to keep the attention.

5. If you read the boring book and notice for yourself that you cannot concentrate and constantly distract, then try the following reception: opposite to that place where you lost attention – tick off. Then continue to read until the end of the page. Repeat all read material if you cannot make it, then read all over again. Later time, you will notice that the quantity of marks decreases, and your ability to concentration considerably improved.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team