Secrets of beauty of supermodels

Secrets of beauty of supermodels

- the same women, as well as all. And beauty secrets at them too quite terrestrial! So, to what cunnings the famous beauties resort to look irresistible?

Claudia Schiffer. Find the ideal concealer which will help you to hide any shortcomings and to feel confident! - the blond beautiful supermodel says, - Apply small amount of concealer on shortcomings how to start drawing basis – it can turn out so that it is not useful at all! Still I use highlighter, I apply it on cheekbones – it so wonderfully refreshes!

Eve Herzigova. Eve is convinced that secret of beauty of each woman – in healthy, shiny hairs and faultless skin. Use intensive masks for hair and regularly cut tips, - she advises. Also the supermodel adds that she regularly accepts vitamin complexes to support beauty of hair and skin from within.

Naomi Campbell. The black beauty considers one of the most important attributes of beauty well-groomed eyebrows. Achieve the correct shape of your eyebrows and regularly look after them. Eyebrows are capable to influence structure and look and also they perfectly excrete eyes, - Naomi says. And in what secretion of magnificent curls of supermodel? I almost never land hair phenom, - Noemi admits, - I just twist them plait on the top right after washing and when I dismiss – such natural curls turn out. Helena Christensen. The Danish supermodel prefers the regular peeling procedures for the person, they help to support her skin such shining. It is pleasant to me what velvet is my skin after use of srub, - Helena says. Heidi Klum. It appears, this supermodel cannot just appear on red carpet without fresh suntan! However and to Heidi's sunbed reasonably prefers to hours on the beach use of the autosuntan mixed with the moisturizing lotion which puts a day before the ceremony and directly in solemn make-up uses powder-bronzata drop. Tyra Banks. Secretion of faultlessly smooth skin of Tyra – intensive moistening, and especially – moistening of skin around eyes. I wash, and then carefully I moisten all face with soft cream. And under eyes there is heavy artillery: I apply usual vaseline on this zone! Darya Verbova. I prefer naturalness! But I consider that noticeable curled eyelashes give to the face it is unique fresh look! - the top model showing the person Lancôme considers. For this purpose Darya uses ordinary curling tongs of eyelashes.

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