Coffee after the training

Coffee after the training

A huge number of people begin the day with a cup of the invigorating coffee to wake up and be adjusted for work. Disputes over an occasion of whether it is possible for coffee after the training, are conducted not one year. People who professionally play sports with special attentiveness treat the choice of products and drinks for the diet, and they treat coffee ambiguously.

Why it is possible to have coffee after the training?

The invigorating drink promotes faster removal of lactic acid which is the reason of appearance of muscular pain after the training. It will help in case after the strengthened training the weakness and exhaustion of an organism is felt. It is caused by the fact that coffee promotes increase in arterial blood pressure.

Why it is impossible to have coffee after the training?

The main danger is that caffeine affects excitingly nervous and cardiovascular system. After the training the organism already is in wild spirits, and coffee raises loading that can cause serious problems with health. It is important to notice that considering this property of drink, his many athletes drink before a training as activation and preparation of an organism for loading. The made experiments showed that caffeine influences insulin work, and it negatively affects transportation of a glycogen to muscles and a liver. Still drink does not allow muscles to be restored quickly and complicates protein use. At consumption of coffee in large numbers it is possible to provoke emergence of unpleasant feelings in a stomach. It is in certain cases noticed that the invigorating drink after the training causes indigestion. Experts recommend before deciding to have coffee after the training or not, to consult with the doctor who will be able to consider individual qualities of an organism and the state of health.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team