How it is correct to do an extension?

How it is correct to do an extension?

The extension is important not only for athletes, but also for ordinary people. The persons leading a sedentary life face problems even at insignificant physical activities owing to an atrophy of muscles and loss of flexibility of joints. And the professional athletes neglecting an extension after the trainings do not allow the muscles to be restored quicker and thus lose so flexibility necessary for them and mobility. Therefore everyone needs to know how it is necessary to do an extension correctly.

Performance order

It is properly correct to beginners, interested to begin to do an extension, it is worth advising to start trainings only after a warming up of muscles. That is on the end of performance of the main exercises or after the warm-up including running on the spot, rope jumping, moves hands, legs, etc. To be twisted in a fig in the first day at you it will hardly turn out and not to tear ligament and it is necessary not to break bones, to begin with small and to carry out all movements smoothly, without breakthroughs. Being engaged regularly and eating products which beat off appetite, it is possible to increase considerably elasticity of the sheaves, to make muscles stronger and to minimize risk of injuries, falling and changes.

How it is necessary to do correctly an extension in house conditions?

It is necessary to begin with hand joints and fingers. It is recommended to do pressings, twisting and other movements. Later it is possible to pass to study of muscles and ligaments of a neck. Incline the head to one, other shoulder, forward, back, and make pressure upon it for strengthening of efficiency of exercise by a free hand. It is correct to do an extension after the training on shoulders and hands as experts recommend: to undertake a brush of one hand a wrist another and to lift them up. Carrying out rhythmical, little pushes, to try to take away hands as it is possible further back.

It is possible to work a back and area bark by means of case inclinations in the parties, forward and back. Those who does not know how the extension of legs correctly becomes should remember that this the most difficult in a similar training. If you plan to stretch out, then you should work hard, carrying out moves legs, "butterfly", attacks, inclinations sitting and standing, etc. "Hitch" or an extension after the training is necessary surely as it does not allow muscles to stiffen at constant massive power loads. So train intelligently and God bless you!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team