How it is correct to switch transfers by bicycle?

How it is correct to switch transfers by bicycle?

Any cyclist has to know how it is correct to switch transfers by bicycle differently it will be simply impossible to squeeze out a maximum of the mechanism. But, quite often modern models are so difficult that it is difficult to the beginning athlete to understand this question independently. Therefore let's discuss, the basic rules of switching of speeds.

How to switch transfers by bicycle?

There are several basic rules, having studied which you easily will be able to change bicycle speed.

  1. It is impossible to switch transfer to stop time, it becomes only at the movement of the car. If it is difficult for person to switch transfers by bicycle at the same time tracing a situation around, it is worth being trained several times houses. It will help to remember a switch location, and the person will convulsively not look for it during driving.
  2. Experts do not advise to change speed at rise uphill, it will be better to make it in advance.
  3. It is possible to switch transfer when load of a chain goes minimum, otherwise it is possible to damage the mechanism.
  4. If the person only studies how it is correct to switch transfers on a horn or other type the bicycle, you should not at once try to pass from one speed to another. For a start be trained, having switched the lever, wait you will not feel accurate operation of the mechanism yet, and only then change its situation again.
  5. Surely consider own feelings, choosing the frequency of rotation of pedals and, so-called, Kadence. Each cyclist selects a rhythm of the movement independently.

How to switch transfers by mountain bicycle?

Of course, everything depends on specific conditions, but nevertheless, experienced athletes recommend to adhere to the following recommendations, first, when driving uphill or against wind it is necessary to establish a low gear which will be close to an indicator 1:1.

Secondly, if the person makes a mountain campaign with a backpack, will enough use a set of front stars. As a rule, there is enough set in 28, 38 and 48 teeth.

And, at last, at first, once you change front transfer, and only then to correct Kadence by means of back, and in any way not on the contrary. It is very widespread mistake which not only affects comfort of driving, but also can cause fast wear of the mechanism. Always begin change of transfer with front stars.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team