How quickly to pump up muscles in house conditions?

Recently the number of men who want to pump up muscles grows. To achieve good results it is optional to go to gym as there are effective complexes and for house use which even the beginning athletes will be able to master.

How quickly to pump up muscles in house conditions?

There are different exercises, suggest to stop at a training which is available to all as it is not necessary to use additional weight. Circuit trainings which give load of all main muscles of a body best of all are suitable for the house. The exercises given below should be carried out in turn around which quantity should be increased gradually as the result will not be. Quickly to pump up house muscles, it is necessary to train 4 times a week as only thanks to regular loading it is possible to achieve good results, but at the same time rest as they grow during a break is necessary for muscles. In the days intended for rest it is recommended to give preference to cardiotrainings, for example, run, and still an extension.

Saying about how it is possible to pump up quickly muscles, it is impossible to miss such important point as food as success more depends on it. It is worth excluding fast carbohydrates from a diet, having put emphasis on proteins which amount should be counted that 1.5 g of protein have to fall on 1 kg of weight.

As quickly and correctly to pump up muscles:

  1. Pullings up. The horizontal bar can be found on the street, and still it can be established at home. SP – undertake a crossbeam the ordinary successful fellow that between palms there was a distance equal to width of shoulders. It is important to cave in in a back, and to cross legs that the body did not dangle. A task – be tightened, touching by a breast of a crossbeam and cramping shovels. After that fall down to full straightening of hands. Make 10 times.
  2. Explosive push-ups. If interests how quickly to begin pectoral muscles of the house, then pay attention to this exercise giving good load also of muscles of hands. SP – accept an emphasis lying, having put hands is a little wider than shoulders. You keep a body in direct situation. A task – fall down, touching by a floor breast, and then, be pushed out up, tearing off hands and doing cotton. After that land on halfbent hands and do one more push-up.
  3. Squats on one leg. For this exercise take two chairs or any other height. Get up a back before a chair, throw the leg which is a little bent in a knee back. The emphasis has to fall on a sock. It is necessary to push other leg a little forward. A task – squat, bending a knee of a front leg before formation of a right angle. After that return to SP. Make 8 times on each leg.
  4. Pullings up by a reverse grip. This exercise is carried out, as well as the first, but only it is necessary to undertake a crossbeam a reverse grip, that is the palm should be directed to itself. Make 12 repetitions.
  5. Push-ups at a wall. SP – get up on hands near a wall so that fingers were directed to a wall. The body has to be equal. A task – slowly fall down, bending hands in elbows and parting them in the parties, and then, rise up. Make 5 times.
  6. The return push-ups from chairs. Put chairs at a certain distance from each other. On one put legs, and rest hands about edge against the second. A task – fall down, bending elbows to a right angle, directing them back. Make 12 times.

If interests how very quickly to pump up muscles, then use additional weight, for example, at pullings up it is possible to fix cargo on legs. When performing the return push-ups, it is possible to take pancake and to put it on a press.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team