How to arrange dot lamps on a ceiling?

How to arrange dot lamps on a ceiling?

Dot lamps are created any coloring and forms. It is necessary to add to it also a peculiar design which once again confirms that they faultlessly fit into any interior. The most interesting that they approach any type of ceilings and help to create improbable beauty light design. As soon as dot lamps if it is correct to arrange them on a ceiling are acquired, it is possible to achieve excellent lighting.

Distance between dot lamps on a ceiling

For creation of ideal illumination, densely mounting lamps on all ceiling, the distance between ranks should not exceed 1 meter. And, if to speak about distance from the lamp located in an extreme row to a wall, then we will receive no more than 60 cm. To be necessary to note that such requirements are registered for rooms, height of ceilings in which is equal 2.5 meters. It is important not to neglect these requirements. Why? Just because it is necessary in order that at height the crossing of cones of illumination from each spot was located.

Arrangement of dot lamps on a stretch ceiling

During the work with ceilings of this type there can be small difficulties. It is connected with technological features of the material. Besides during installation of lamps it is necessary to use the special equipment to fix inserts from heat-resistant plastic in those places where it is planned to install dot lamps.

Important point concerning arrangement of lamps on a ceiling: even prior to installation it is necessary to plan as lamps on a ceiling will be placed. Besides between them there has to be a distance in 1 meter, and removal from walls – on 60 cm Remember that installation sites of lamps should not fall on the established frame elements.

It is important to note also that how many on square meter it will be required lamps for a stretch ceiling. So, remember that each square meter demands illumination in 20 W.



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