How to become the authority?

How to become the authority?

Some of us are ambitious and ambitious since the childhood. They seek to be allocated from group of friends, to be for them an authority, the leader - both formal, and informal. And they manage it thanks to special ability to cause readiness to listen and agree with their decisions in peers, and still to enjoy their confidence and respect. But as children mature, it becomes more difficult to become authority on the class or the company.

How to become the authority among the fellow school students?

At younger school students the status is created by adults and depends on estimates: the pupil, the stronger him situation is more diligent. Therefore excellent students hold the greatest authority on elementary school as to have to become them an example for the others. The group of teenagers imposes to the leader absolutely other requirements. They do not accept dependence on opinions and estimates of adults any more, now they have own opinion on any questions and estimate each other.

For what will teenagers respect the leader?

For force - external and internal, for adherence to principles, reliability and ability to make decisions, to have the opinion independent of the fact that others think. For achievements, talents, ability to interest, be allocated from the general background.

If it is important to you to become the authority for the friends and schoolmates, you should meet these expectations of the leader.

Be interested in hobbies of the friends, always have a subject for a conversation with them. Encourage them to communication and tell them something new, as for their hobby. Also you share the progress, but so that it did not cause hostility or smiles. Find an occasion to show the talents, and constantly develop them, work on yourself. It is very good to do some popular sport, to register in club of extreme rest or school of survival. Be capable that cannot make others, know what can be interesting them what you can teach them to.

It is not enough to be the formal leader, such as, for example, head in a class to become the authority among friends and at the same time to enjoy confidence of adults. But this opportunity should be used for development of the ability to cause these respect and trust. The ability to find balance between requirements of teachers and schoolmates will help you when you begin to build the professional career.

What qualities need to be developed to become the authority for age-mates?

  1. Self-confidence. You learn to make decisions and to take the responsibility. Do not avoid situations which demand your courage - temper the character, strengthen the will.
  2. Constantly broaden the horizons, be interested in everything that occurs around. Possess that information which is important for your friends.
  3. Always be near schoolmates, participate in the general conversations, do not avoid general attention.
  4. Endurance and physical force. Play sports, train, master skills of fight. Your peers appreciate force, ability to stand for themselves and to protect friends.
  5. Ability to create the style. Be in the fashion, but remain yourself, not similar to the others. You have to look modern, but so that your appearance caused admiration approval of schoolmates and did not irritate adults.

How to become the authority for the younger child?

If you use recognition of the age-mates, you will manage to deserve it and at other children. Helping kids to believe in the forces and to take the first steps to achievement of their purposes, you will become for them the person whose authority will be indisputable. Being able to remain only the senior friend and causing in them feeling that all victories and success are achieved them by own efforts and your small help, you will always be their mentor. Will listen to you, will follow you, you will be trusted.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team