How to choose a racket for table tennis?

How to choose a racket for table tennis?

On sale there are a lot of types of rackets both amatorsky, and professional now. Also there are they differently. At once the buyer has a set of questions how to choose a racket for playing table tennis by what principle and whether always more expensively - means better? We will try to answer all these questions.

Characteristics of rackets

Now we will in details sort how to choose a tennis racket. For playing table tennis of a racket have to have the following criteria: control, speed, rotation. Their components basis and laid on layers. The weight of one basis, for example 75 g, with laid on layers are twice more. On the basis of a racket several layers of a tree fasten (up to 12 pieces), the sponge rotates rubber. The sponge is followed by rubber and the handle. We sorted the making means components for tennis.

Now we will talk about its types. How to choose a good racket for table tennis? The answer to a question, what purpose of a game, defensive or attacking will help with it? For the attack it is better to buy equipment with a small speed. If you are a defender, it is better for you to get it with good characteristics of rotation.

How it is correct to choose a racket for table tennis?

The right choice of a racket for table tennis depends on several factors.

First of all, it is the country the producer. Usually, the European models - bilateral. On each party the quantity of slips. With such types the player regulates giving on both sides. According to other characteristic, the type of a racket depends on quantity of stars on it.

The 1st type of rackets with one star. They are intended for the beginning players. It is already ready look.

Speaking about what racket to choose for the fan of table tennis then the second type will approach - with two stars or three.

Four stars are got usually by professionals. However, such look costs rather much.

The third factor is connected with the choice of the basis of a racket. To choose necessary model it is necessary to adhere to the following items:

  • whether it to hold convenience;
  • whether there is no sliding at a wave;
  • whether suitable weight is chosen.

Very important factor is material of the stock. Usually it is done of rubber, can add other material. Also there are rackets with thorns, they increase the speed of the movement. The basis - plywood, a special grade. Do not forget to buy to it a protective cover. Choose this device for a game according to the player's level.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team