How to choose the robot vacuum cleaner?

How to choose the robot vacuum cleaner?

Technical progress does not stand still therefore producers regularly please people with various devices which are directed to improvement and simplification of human life. The vacuum cleaner which has the robot prefix works independently, considering the chosen program. It is important to know how to choose the robot vacuum cleaner as there are different versions of such equipment with the pluses and minuses.

How to choose the robot the vacuum cleaner for the house?

It will be possible to make a right choice, being guided by key parameters of similar devices.

Area of cleaning. The value what square the vacuum cleaner will be able to clean is specified in the passport of the equipment. If the value did not manage to be found, then it can be calculated easily independently. It is necessary of operating time in minutes to take away 10.

Set of sensors. Without this parameter it is correct to choose the robot vacuum cleaner it is impossible as how he will be guided in space depends on sensors. The following options are the most popular:

  1. Sensors of collision with different objects force the vacuum cleaner to change the direction of the movement.
  2. Sensors of contact have an infrared beam which defines distance to a possible obstacle that allows to replace a trajectory of the movement in time.
  3. The sensor of falling defines roughnesses of a surface that helps to avoid, for example, falling from a ladder.
  4. The sensor of pollution helps the vacuum cleaner to find the most polluted place and to work there more carefully.

More modern and expensive models are equipped with interesting functions, for example, there are laser sensors which create the local map that allows the vacuum cleaner to understand where it already carried out cleaning and where is not present.

The volume of a dust collector or container for water. Speaking about what to choose the robot vacuum cleaner for the apartment, it is worth stopping also on this parameter, but here everything is simple, the more this parameter, the better. In most cases this parameter is included into a limit from 0.25 to 1 l. You should not save as the quality of cleaning depends on it.

The accumulator and base for recharge. If interests how to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner, then it is impossible to miss this parameter as the accumulator allows the equipment to move freely on the house. The more the capacity, the longer the vacuum cleaner will be able to work without recharge. It is very convenient to have special stations which go complete with some models. When the vacuum cleaner begins to be discharged, he finds this station.

Cleaning according to the Schedule function. If the vacuum cleaner has such parameter, then it will be necessary just to adjust the program, and it will join in due time, to clean up and return independently to base.

Air filtration type. Many producers say that in their equipment NERA filters are used, but sometimes it is just advertizing course and inside the ordinary thin paper filter is located. It is impossible to check it visually therefore not to be mistaken, it is recommended to give preference to the famous producers who value the reputation.

Finally to decide on what the robot vacuum cleaner is better to choose it is necessary to consider the list of the producers producing such equipment. Today such options are presented at the market:

  1. iRobot. This is the leader in the market which makes the high-quality equipment in America which is also in our market.
  2. Yujin Robot. If there is a wish to get the high-quality robot vacuum cleaner, then pay attention to the range of this South Korean producer, and especially to the iClebo models.
  3. Neato Robotics. One more American company which at the moment presented only one model, but it is popular thanks to existence of a laser range finder.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team