How to choose toothpaste it is correct?

How to choose toothpaste it is correct?

Many people do not pay attention to what toothpaste they buy. On belief of the majority – paste has to clean. And the main delusion concerning efficiency of toothpaste disappears in it.

To understand how it is correct to choose toothpaste, it is necessary to pay attention to classification. Toothpastes are divided into two views: treatment-and-prophylactic and hygienic.

First of all, toothpaste has to be neutral and have two properties: cleaning and polishing. Also it has to have a pleasant taste, a smell and a look. Well and it is obligatory to be present the disinfecting and cooling effect. To you it is not necessary to mention that good toothpaste has to be harmless.


Treatment-and-prophylactic toothpastes intend not only daily to use them, but also as prevention and hygiene. They help to get rid of caries, not carious defeats and diseases of the paradont.

Hygienic toothpastes are intended for clarification of teeth and giving of a fresh smell.

Therefore asking a question what toothpaste to choose, it is necessary to proceed from this for what purposes it is got.

What to choose toothpaste for bleaching of teeth?

Such pastes are subdivided into two groups:

  1. The containing chemicals.
  2. With the high content of abrasive particles.

It is recommended to give preference to toothpastes with the maintenance of soft abrasives as they do not do harm to enamel, have no ill effect on a mouth and save from a raid.

And those who are interested as it is correct to choose toothpaste on strips should know – you should not pay attention to them. The fact is that these strips are the usual marking helping the sensor to read out it and to cut off a tuba in the necessary place on the conveyor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team