How to collect an electromagnet

How to collect an electromagnet

Practically each house master began the acquaintance to physics in the childhood with construction of an electromagnet. If at you the son grows up, the time has come and to him together with you to assemble this simple device then he for certain will become interested in science and technology and further will become the house master too. And to you it will be for certain rather interesting to remember the childhood.

It is required to you

  • Several meters of the isolated wire
  • Insulating tape
  • Nail
  • Soldering iron, solder and neutral gumboil
  • Nippers
  • Two AA batteries and compartment for them
  • Bulb on 3.5 V, 0.26 A
  • Switch
  • Paper clips


1. Take a nail and wind it with an insulating tape layer so that open was only a hat.

2. Take several meters of the isolated wire and reel up it on a nail vnavat.

3. Smooth out the ends of a wire. Connect consistently battery compartment, a bulb and the turned-out electromagnet.

4. Insert into a battery compartment of the battery and turn on the switch. The bulb will be lit.

5. Make sure that the nail began to attract to itself paper clips.

6. The nail is made of magnetosoft steel. It means that it if keeps residual magnetization, then it is short. After you disconnect an electromagnet, it will quickly lose ability to attract paper clips. There are also magnetofirm grades of steel. A product from such steel, being once magnetized, then long keeps this property.

7. Magnetize a paper clip by means of an electromagnet. It has to keep magnetization longer, than a nail. Even longer it is kept by the screw-driver. In some cases, the magnetized screw-driver is much more convenient, than not magnetized. But consider that not all like to use such screw-drivers. To some house masters the magnetized screw-drivers, on the contrary, seem very inconvenient.

8. Make such experiment. Bring a paper clip to an electromagnet - it will be attracted to it. To this paper clip bring another, to it - one more, having made thereby a chain of paper clips. Paper clips will keep the friend on the friend until you switch off an electromagnet. After its shutdown the chain of paper clips will quickly break up.

9. The speed of magnetization and demagnetization of steel products is influenced by mechanical influences. Make sure of it so. Include an electromagnet, slightly knock on a nail hat then disconnect it. The magnetization will remain slightly longer. If to knock on a nail hat when the electromagnet is switched off, it also will degauss quicker.

10. Bring the permanent magnet having approximately the same force, as an electromagnet to an electromagnet. Make sure that heteronymic poles of magnets are attracted, and of the same name - make a start. Having changed polarity of food of an electromagnet, you will find out that its poles also traded places.

11. Pay attention that, being included through an electromagnet, the bulb gains brightness more slowly, and at disconnection of the switch between its contacts the spark which is not observed without electromagnet slips. It proves a so-called self-induction. What is it, your son learns about that in high school at physics lessons, or if it is already interesting to him now, will read on the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team