How to deceive the breathalyzer?

How to deceive the breathalyzer?

Today many drivers at traffic offense check for availability of alcohol in blood. The admissible dose should not exceed 0.2 per milles is an admissible norm. But, probably, not one driver thought of how to deceive the breathalyzer. For the answer to this question, first of all, it is necessary to understand how the breathalyzer works.

Many factors can affect result which it will show. For example, the type of the device can influence indicators. And everything depends on the period which passed after acceptance of alcohol. Traffic inspectors most often use electrochemical professional testers. But if the warrior was lucky, and the inspector with the AlcoScan AL 2500 breathalyzer or AlcoScan AL 2600 got to him, then it is possible to deceive him, here is how:

  • to make several deep breaths before the test, thus it will be possible to ventilate lungs and to reduce an indicator;
  • before taking the wheel to sleep at least for half an hour that alcohol was quicker acquired;
  • to drink 50 ml of vegetable oil – vapors will not come out a stomach due to formation of a film;
  • it is possible to eat one of these products: garlic, parsley, bay leaf, coffee beans.

How to pass the breathalyzer morning after?

Earlier it was said that it is possible to inhale a little air for deception of the breathalyzer. There is practically the same method, but here it is necessary to inhale in an air tester a little less, than usually.

Great way will be strengthening of a metabolism. Before taking the wheel it is recommended to do jog or any other physical exercises. After that it is obligatory to drink a cup of strong tea or coffee.

It is necessary to know that you should not use a menthol mouth deodorant. As instead of deceiving the breathalyzer will turn out to increase its indicator only. Why? Such deodorant contains ethyl alcohol.

Quite easy way, but action its rather long. It is possible to accept some sparkling vitamins, but to start their action it is necessary that they became more active in an organism.

Some consider that by a fine method how to pass the breathalyzer after the booze, toothbrushing or rinsing of an oral cavity is. Such actions will only allow to remove from a mouth the slime containing alcohol. But the tester analyzes not it, and air which the driver exhales from lungs.

So, on a question whether it is possible to deceive the breathalyzer, it is possible to answer positively.

Experiments during which such methods were applied were made:

  1. Consumption of quail eggs or activated carbon before a feast.
  2. Consumption of the various cocktails increasing acidity.
  3. Consumption of apple cider vinegar with honey and water.
  4. The use of the liquid ammonia divorced with water.

It was established that the quail eggs used before a feast and activated carbon have the best effect. The fact is that similar food envelops a stomach, without allowing alcohol to be soaked up quickly in blood.

It should be noted that physical exercises and acceptance of a contrast shower and also hot tea with honey enjoy wide popularity for deception of the breathalyzer.

There is one more method with the name of "antiquated". And if it is simpler to tell "two fingers in a mouth" - washing of a stomach after the use of a large amount of water.

But, it is necessary to remember that in spite of the fact that there are ways which will help not to be fallen "into clutches" to road inspectors, it is necessary to remember the most important rule. That it was not necessary to take a test for availability of alcohol in blood, it is necessary to take the wheel in a sober state.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team