How to define plane tilt angles

How to define plane tilt angles

By production of different works at the dacha or a personal plot (laying of various platforms, paving slabs or paths) often it is necessary to join inclined paths of the platform, located at the different levels. It is necessary to define and maintain carefully plane tilt angles on such sites.

It is required to you

  • - vertical or horizontal construction level;
  • - plumb;
  • - angle meter;
  • - protractor;
  • - equal wooden bar 1.5 m long;
  • - laser level and measuring ruler;
  • - hydrolevel, marker, 2 pegs;
  • - roulette.


1. For definition of a tilt angle of the plane in the simplest way use a plumb, a wooden bar and a protractor. Put a bar on the checked plane. You hold with the left hand a plumb at the height of 300 - 400 mm. Bring a plumb to edge of a bar. Calm the lower part of a plumb. The right hand vertically put a protractor the flat party on a bar. Moving a protractor, combine a protractor reference point with a string of a plumb. Consider a plane tilt angle in a point of intersection of a string of a plumb with a protractor scale. Receive a plane tilt angle concerning a vertical. If the corner concerning the horizon is necessary, calculate it, having taken away from the received corner 90. Apply this way at draft measurements as it gives the low accuracy of measurement of a tilt angle of the plane.

2. The following method of measurement is more exact. Put a bar on the checked plane. On edge of a bar vertically put level. You hold level with the left hand. The right hand apply the angle meter to the turned-out corner sides. On a scale of the angle meter consider plane tilt angle size.

3. The way in which the laser level is used is most exact. Establish strictly horizontally the level basis. Include a laser head. Measure height difference level from a horizontal beam of the laser to a surface of the checked plane on the site 1 m long. At difference size up to 1 m on this site each 2.22 cm of difference are close to 1 degree.

4. You can achieve high precision of measurement of a tilt angle, using hydrolevel instead of the laser level. For such measurement hammer parallel to a plane inclination two pegs at distance 1 m. Note on them the horizon by means of hydrolevel. Measure distance from horizon tags to the plane. Take away the smaller size from the bigger size – receive height difference size at meter distance. Divide this size into 2.22 and receive a tilt angle of the measured site of the plane in degrees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team