How to find liquid volume

How to find liquid volume

Liquid – aggregate state of substance, being in which it can change the form, without changing at the same time volume. If to pour water from a glass in bank, The Shape of Water will accept a contour of the last vessel, but it is more or less it will not become. It is possible to determine liquid volume in several simple ways.


1. A physical way of finding of volume of any body which is in any aggregate state to calculate, knowing its weight and density. That is, if the liquid density (for this purpose enough to know its name and further, to find according to the table of density in the physical reference book) and its weight is known, then just divide value of weight into value of density. At the same time units of measure of these sizes have to be such: if weight is given in kilograms, density has to be in cubic meters if weight is measured in grams, density - in cubic centimeters. Primer1: Let it is necessary to find the volume of 2 kg of water. Decision: Volume is equal to the weight relation (2 kg) to water density (it is equal to 1000 kg/(m) cubed). Total, volume is equal 0.002 cubic meters.

2. Other mathematical way of measurement of volume of liquid: in its form. As a rule, it is always poured in any vessel. Then it is necessary to know how to find the volume of a geometrical form which the vessel has. For example, if water is poured in an aquarium, and it is a parallelepiped, then its volume, so and water volume, it is possible calculate as the work of height, length and width of an aquarium. It is also possible to arrive with any form. Basic rule finding of volume: this work of height on the area of the basis. Example 2: To the brim an aquarium water, what its volume is poured if the aquarium sizes: 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm. Decision. For finding of volume of water, it is necessary to determine ware volume: volume is equal to the work of height, length and width of a vessel. V = 20sm*30sm*40sm = 240000 cubic centimeters. Answer: the volume of water is equal 240000 cubic centimeters.

3. The easiest way to measure liquid volume by the measuring vessel having a scale, the division price, unit of measure. The graduated cylinder, the syringe, a bucket, a glass, etc. can be an example of a measuring vessel. The main thing is not to be mistaken in this way with indications of the measuring device. Example 3. The glass is half filled with water. It is necessary to find its volume. Decision: if in a glass 200 milliliters of water, then in half of glass - hundred milliliters as much as possible are located.

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