How to clean a nose to babies

How to clean a nose to babies

Cleaning of a nose of the little baby – business very responsible and at first disturbing for young mom. Here the basic rule works: not to touch a nose once again needlessly.

It is required to you

  • cotton wool for production of zhgutik or Q-tips with limiters,
  • sterile vegetable or vaseline oil.


1. It is important to note - the procedures of cleaning, the better are more rare. The fact is that the organism itself regulates amount of moisture including on a mucous membrane of a nose. If in a nose it is dry, crusts were formed, it is difficult for kid to breathe and eat, it is necessary to soften mucous a nose. For this purpose use Q-tips with limiters or the cotton zhgutik moistened sterile vegetable (warmed up on a water bath within 20 minutes) or vaseline oil. At the same time it is necessary to work carefully not to damage mucous a nose.

2. Zhgutiki is twisted from cotton wool thus: reel up vatu on a match or a toothpick, but not hardly, then pull out a match (toothpick) and twist zhgutik more densely. It is necessary to prepare more at once zhgutik that they always were near at hand.

3. If you are afraid to use sticks or zhgutik, it is possible just to dig in a nose Aquamaris or other similar means and just to wait, so far crusts to soften and will leave.

4. Sometimes hot and dry air happens the dryness reason in a nose therefore to be necessary to try to get to the children's room a humidifier or just to put the container with water near a crib.

5. At formation of crusts in a nose some pediatricians advise to give more drink to the kid. Hot, but not too, the milk or tea will also help to soften a layer of crusts.

6. If, on the contrary, in a nose it is damp, the baby has a congestion or cold, apply the special sucking-away pear with a soft tip or an aspirator. These devices need to use carefully as pressure created by them can damage vessels. Besides, it is not recommended to abuse the sucking-away means as they overdry mucous a nose.

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