How to return breast milk

How to return breast milk

Breast milk contains all useful substances for full development and health of the child. But sometimes happens that mom has less milk, or it in general vanishes, and the kid begins to cry because he does not gorge on.


1. To try to adjust feeding by a breast. Before passing to mixes, it is necessary to try to restore natural feeding. Experts consider that all women are by nature programmed to nurse the baby. Because mother's milk the best for the kid, in it is what is not present in artificial nutrition, for example, an antibody, enzymes, hormones. And they are so necessary for development of immunity of the child.

2. To avoid a stress and an ustalostimam surely has to feel safe because any irritation or fatigue at once affects quantity and quality of milk, thereby and the baby. It is necessary to try to have a rest, ask for help of the husband or relatives. The lactation can decrease because of a stress, tension, a fright or at pains. In order that will cope with a stress, it is possible to take the heat weakening bath, to listen to favourite music or to talk just sincerely to the husband or the loved one.

3. To put the kid to grudiyesl milk was gone owing to use of medicines which reduce a uterus or after Cesarean section, the kid needs all the same to be put to a breast. When the kid sucks, there is a stimulation of a nipple that gives signals in a hypophysis. The hypophysis excretes prolactin — hormone which is necessary for development of breast milk. In case the kid premature also cannot independently suck a breast, it is necessary to decant each 2 or 3 hours a breast. Thereby you will be able to keep a lactation.

4. Full the pitaniyekormyashchy woman needs the healthy, healthy and good nutrition. It is necessary to eat food about 5 or 6 times before each feeding. Only here it is necessary not to be overzealous because from it milk will not be able to increase, and here excess weight easily. To increase development milk it is possible to drink special medical infusions (phyto teas) or to have hot tea with milk

5. Except all this, the feeding mom needs to have a rest, make more walks in the fresh air and, of course, the love of close people, especially the spouse is necessary. The kid the thicket should be taken on hands, to sleep near him — it also promotes development of breast milk.

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