How to return milk

How to return milk

The stress, sleep debt, poor nutrition can lead to decrease in amount of milk or to its total disappearance. It is always an unpleasant surprise for the nursing mother, but if not to lower a hand and not to hurry to address a treasured small bottle with mix, it is possible to return milk in most cases.

It is required to you

  • - milk pump;
  • - laktogonny collecting.


1. First of all, define whether really at you milk disappeared or it is the temporary laktatsionny crisis which is periodically happening at most of the feeding mothers. In case of crisis the amount of milk decreases, but does not vanish absolutely, just the kid is more often put to a breast. Do not refuse to it it, limit communication with people around and try to spend more time alone with the kid, pressing it to themselves. Crisis usually proceeds several days and by itself comes to naught.

2. At establishment of a mature lactation the breast is not filled as in the first weeks of life of the kid, but milk in a breast is enough – it is developed not all the time, and in process of sucking. Young mothers often take this lack of feeling of filling of a breast for disappearance of milk and enter a supplementary feeding. The child is put to a breast less often and milk is developed less. The vicious circle turns out – the less the child sucks, the it is less at mother of milk. Gradually it almost disappears, and the child is completely transferred to mix though breastfeeding could be continued without prejudice to the kid still very long.

3. If there is no milk really, the child exactingly shouts and fingers an empty breast, first of all get it together. A stress – one of the main enemies of the nursing mother. Put the kid to a breast as often as he wants it (do not forget about additional nipple care as long the sucking kid can injure them). Night applyings are especially important – offer a breast at the first requirement and if he sleeps all night long, you awake for feeding each 3-4 hours.

4. Buy in pharmacy special laktogonny collecting which part are an anise, fennel, a nettle. Experts claim that the amount of the used liquid does not affect amount of milk, however mothers of the whole world approve the return therefore drink so much how many you want – warm drink causes inflow of milk. Also the warm shower, soft and careful massage of a breast can cause it.

5. The tactile contact with the child is obligatory. You spend with it much time, you carry on hands, including on walk. Explain to relatives that you need the help and that household chores for a while should be subcontracted to dad, the grandmother or the senior children.

6. Get a milk pump and be decanted. Even if you manage to decant a little — it is already good. Continuous stimulation of a breast will help to restore a lactation.

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