How to find phone on IMEI?

How to find phone on IMEI?

The mobile phone is used not only as the means of communication for a long time, but also as the notebook, the diary, storage for photos, video and other important information. For this reason loss of the gadget for many is the present tragedy. Today there are several ways to find the device, so interests many how to find the lost phone on IMEI.

For a start we will understand that disappears under this abbreviation. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) is the international identifier of the mobile phone. Simple words, it is the serial number which is got by each phone rolling off the production line. By the specified numerical code thanks to the satellite it is possible to trace, where to be phone. The serial number includes 15 figures which can be found on a box, the accumulator and a cover of the device. One more way to define IMEI – make the following team on phone: *#06#.

How to find phone on IMEI?

To keep track of location of the device by means of the satellite, it is important that on it function of data transmission by means of mobile communication or GPS was included. Thanks to it the operator will be able to identify phone even if the SIM card is removed from it.

Finding out how to find the lost phone on IMEI, It is necessary to tell that the operator has no right to provide to users information on finding of the gadget as it is confidential. Even if the person will show to the operator the check, a box and even the warranty card, it will not affect result in any way. It is not their whim, and really there is such law. It is clear, what to find phone on IMEI will not turn out as it is illegal. The only exit – to go to police and to write the application. Law enforcement agencies will make request that will allow them to get access to the classified information. It is important to tell that it does not give a guarantee that phone will be found as malefactors found for a long time ways which allow to change quickly and easily the serial number.

One more moment to which it is worth paying attention concerns the numerous programs and applications submitted on the Internet. All this one of types of fraud, and the user or gives money for a dummy, or downloads some virus. Therefore you do not see each other on similar offers in network.

Other ways of search of the stolen phone

If it is not possible to find the iPhone through IMEI, you should not be upset as it is possible to use iCloud. People at whom before loss on phone the special option located in the section iCloud was activated can use it, and function – Find My IPhone is called. If it was not made, then search of phone is in such a way impossible. Users who managed to activate this function before theft or loss have to visit the official site of iCloud. Then in the submitted list it is necessary to find phone in the account. If iPhone is connected to the Internet, then on the card the green dot will specify its location. In case of lack of connection the search should be postponed for some time.

Users of smartphones on the basis of Android will also not be able to find it on IMEI therefore and for them there is an alternative option. The specified operating system was developed by the Google company which provides to users the function allowing to define location of own gadget, using the account. On phone the access to geodata has to be activated. The person has to come on the official site into the account and find the device which will be displayed on the submitted card. Besides if phone is out of access of mobile network or it is switched off, then the attempt of search will be unsuccessful.

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